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First night results - John24 - 07-11-2019

Seems pretty boring.  My home sleep study reported an average of over 50 events per hour.  I put it on a little after 9 pm and read for a while, going to sleep a little after 9:30.  I usually sleep with my mouth open, but had on a chin strap which seemed to work pretty well until a little after 3 am.  My mouth started opening slightly around that time, and the air rushing out immediately woke me up.  I took the mask off after the third time.  Overall it wasn't a very restful night, so it's going to take some getting used to.


RE: First night results - Sleeprider - 07-11-2019

Outstanding results, however, you are using default settings of 4-20 with no EPR (exhale pressure relief). I'd like to propose some settings that should produce less fluctuation in pressure and greater comfort, as well as minimize the flow limits we see where pressure rises. Give these settings a try, and if you don't like them, feel free to go back to the default.

Mode Autoset Standard
Minimum pressure 7.0
Maximum pressure 20 (unchanged)
EPR ON, Full-Time.
EPR Setting 2 or 3 (you judge what is more comfortable)

This will result in a starting pressure of 7/4 or 7/5 (inhale/exhale) depending on EPR setting. Using EPR can reduce flow limitation and improve hypopnea results. Your results are exceptionally good, so we are going for comfort here, and if you examine the proposed results, this does not change the current settings, but adds EPR and enough minimum pressure so that EPR remains the same from beginning to end.

RE: First night results - John24 - 07-11-2019

I'm certainly willing to give it a try. Thank you for the suggestions.

I'll share that I had a little chuckle to myself yesterday when the respiratory specialist at the DME mentioned that 4 might be too low, and told me I'd need to get my doctor to write a new prescription with a higher minimum pressure so that she could remotely go in and increase it. I've read enough here to know how to get into the clinical menu and that almost no one leaves it at 4.

RE: First night results - Sleeprider - 07-11-2019

Great! The other setting you might want to change is "Essentials" from ON to PLUS. This will have no effect on therapy, but will provide more information in the User Sleep Report screen. Good luck.

RE: First night results - John24 - 07-12-2019

I tried the recommended changes last night.  I slept a little over four hours with no issues.  Ended up removing the mask again a little after 2 am, but it was for physical reasons.  The side of the mask was pressing rather hard into my face and was causing pain.  I think I had it too tight.  I expect I'll need to keep tweaking it to find the right fit, or trying another mask if I can't get it right.  Thank you for the suggestions.  


RE: First night results - jaswilliams - 07-12-2019

The graphs look good now to get used to sleeping with the Alien on your face Big Grin over the next few nights I am sure the duration of your sleep will increase as you get used to managing the mask and hose

RE: First night results - Sleeprider - 07-12-2019

This looks pretty good. Mask fit is important, and the key is to have a mask the seals without being cinched tightly to your face. The mask should achieve a seal just floating in place. Read the Mask Primer in my signature, and try loosening up what you have. If it doesn't fit, try something else.