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n00b's first post questions - jaydee1445 - 07-11-2019

I'm new to ACAP and have had my DreamStation Auto 2 days. I didn't see an introduction sub-fourm so mods please move post if i missed it.
I'm one to take control of my health care and not leave it solely to an overworked doctor or tech. After a year of chronic fatigue, 2 hospitalizations, and many useless tests I'm over doctors B.S. I had a sleep study done and finally was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea.
I've sent all this week educating my self and have started to get an understanding of how to hack the setting on my ACAP.
The Script pressure is 5-20cm but I was awoken from day one nap when the pressure hit 16.5 cm and I felt like I couldn't breathe.
The RT at DME shop had set the flex to C-FLEX.  After consulting my provider RT I set Flex to A-FLEX and turned on the EZ-Start.
So far the 90% pressure has only gotten to 7.1 cm but my AHI is down 10points to 20.5 from the 31 reported by the sleep study.
I'm struggling with the AirFit 20  so I"m making them replace it with a dreamwear full face my provider RT recommends. ( why DME tech gave me a Res Med mask with my PR is a mystery? )
I've downloaded OSCAR and I'm planning on picking up a Toshiba FlashAir W-04 64 GB SDXC Class 10 Memory Card to avoid the wear and tear of swapping card
daily. I'm confident montoring my daily stats will help me take control of my care.

All that to ask will my PR Dreamstation Auto support this 64GB card or should I look for the more expensive 16gb card. It currently has the OE. 2gb PR SD card

RE: n00b's first post questions - Sleeprider - 07-11-2019

Welcome to Apnea Board. Your Dreamstation Auto will work fine with the FlashAir card, but you don't need one that large, and the maximum distance is very limited (30 feet). There is a lot of Q&A in this thread in the Software Support forum http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-FlashPAP-FlashAir-WiFi-SD-card-utility

You have done well to figure out how to "hack" the settings, but be sure to get a copy of your free clinician manual at the CPAP Setup Manuals link at the top of this page https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pressure/change-cpap-pressure-settings-adjusting-your-machine-with-a-clinician-setup-manual

Your AHI sounds high in spite of your efforts. Don't hesitate to post an OSCAR chart an let the many experienced members on the forum help you by sharing their experience with your.

RE: n00b's first post questions - WhyMe - 07-11-2019

Regarding having mask and machine from different brands - that’s is very common - masks pretty much all use standard hose fitting sizing and are interchangeable between machine brands. The idea is to find a mask that works for you, without regard to which brand it is. Some people swear by the AirFit or AirTouch from Resmed for full face, some prefer the Respironics, F&P or one of the other brands.

RE: n00b's first post questions - jaydee1445 - 07-12-2019

Picked up the Dreamwearmask yesterday and I slept so much better. I looked at the AirFit 30 the DME recommended and almost got it but figured the dreamwear can be converted to nasal cheaply with parts off amazon it was worth a shot. Also the analytical geek in me is satisfied that  I can now use the System One resistance setting even if the effect is negligible.
I turned off the EZ start and got a good 5 hours before I awoke to Pee. It was was difficult to get back to sleep with the pressure auto set a 11cm but I got a few more ZZZZs before the alarm. Dreammapper shows AHI down to 13.8 last night. I'll buy the air card and Get Oscar installed next week.
I made one more purchase the Sukira CPAP portable ozone cleaner on Amazon for under $40. Throw everything in a small storage bin with the  machine and it runs the 25 minute cleaning cycle automatically.

RE: n00b's first post questions - WhyMe - 07-12-2019

Ozone is not a cleaner - it can be a sanitizer under the right circumstances, but you would still need to clean the mask, hose and humidifier periodically to remove oils or possible scale buildup.

I won’t go into the discussion of whether using an ozone machine can actually cause respiratory problems - if you do a search, you will find that the dominant company in that market is currently being sued for false advertising over that issue. I’m sure others here will also comment on the issue.

RE: n00b's first post questions - stevemjc - 07-12-2019

Not to hijack the thread, but will a wireless card work in the ResMed Airsense 10 Autoset?

If it will how do you import the data into sleepyhead?


RE: n00b's first post questions - stanleydean - 07-12-2019

Hi JAYDEE1445 and welcome to the forum, sounds like you are digging in early to get a handle on your therapy. Make sure you get a copy of any sleep study report as well as a copy of the Rx issued by your doctor, hang on to these for future reference. Keep on reading and studying on the forum and also post some data from Oscar when you can. It might be good to hold off on spending money for accessories etc. until you have some feedback from forum members, your budget might benefit. Let us know how the air card works out. 
Best wishes, Stan

RE: n00b's first post questions - jaydee1445 - 07-16-2019

Decided against FlashAir card and fooling with network and IP setting. Bought a microSD and SD adapter; plan on leaving the adapter in the CPAP and move data on the micro. I've got a drawer full of adapters if one wears out from swapping.