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Tearing Eye - Sandyelle - 08-09-2019

Is my CPAP making my eyes tear?  My left eye won't stop tearing.  I can't get into see my eye doctor until next week.  I'm think I may have a clogged tear duct. Does anyone else have an issue with tearing eyes?  I use a Resmed F20 mask and but tonight I am switching to a F30.

RE: Tearing Eye - ardenum - 08-10-2019

is air blowing at your eye ?

RE: Tearing Eye - Sandyelle - 08-10-2019

Only what comes from the vent in the hose.  I ordered an eye mask last night to see if that will help.   In the mean time the tears are rolling down one side of my face.  
I look happy and sad all at the time.

RE: Tearing Eye - OpalRose - 08-10-2019

Cpap therapy can cause dry eyes if air is leaking or hitting the eyes.

I’ve never heard anyone complain about tearing eyes from Cpap use, although that doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

Wearing a mask is a good idea but it may just be an allergy. See your eye doctor if it continues.

RE: Tearing Eye - sonicboom - 08-12-2019

Yes, see your eye doctor to get things under control. The doctor might prescribe a steroid eye drop to do that. After that, you can try over the counter Systane Gel Nightime Protection. This process solved my tearing eye issue.