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How To Clean Up Oscar's Results - monkeybusiness - 08-13-2019

My better-half has been on cpap therapy for many years.  She has a history of sleeping problems but recently said she felt she wasn't getting enough air when using the machine.  After viewing an Oscar read-out a few nights ago I noticed a lot of sleep stuff happening.  I bumped the minimum pressure from 6 to 7  and left all other settings alone.  She slept better after the change but Oscar is still showing a lot of reras, hypopneas, etc (see attached).  Can anyone recommend any settings modification that might improve the charts? C-flex is set at 3.   


RE: How To Clean Up Oscar's Results - bonjour - 08-13-2019

Welcome to the forum.

First of all your numbers in and of themselves do not indicate a need for a change.  Changes at these AHI and RDI levels are more by how you feel than by numbers.  In otherwords, don't chase numbers.
The fact that she slept better is an indication to try a little more.

two changes, one at a time

First Flex,  Many find flex = 3 to not be as comfortable as 1 or 2.  So set Flex = 2, then see which "feels" better and set Flex to what feels best.

The second change,  Increase min pressure to 8.  This should reduce Flow Limitations and RERAs.  Again see how it feels

RE: How To Clean Up Oscar's Results - monkeybusiness - 08-14-2019

Thank you, Bonjour.