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Data Recording Capabilities - lasvegaswireman - 08-19-2019

I recently sent Respironics this email:

"I currently use a DSX500H11C Auto CPAP and will begin using it overnight at my remote work location. This location restricts the use of devices that have Bluetooth and wireless capabilities, as well as SD cards and other forms of removable memory. I have been authorized to use this device at my work location , however all wireless capabilities must be turned off and the SD card cannot be in the machine. I asked my doctor’s office for clarification on whether or not the CPAP records all session data without the SD card inserted during therapy and transfers it to the SD card when it is reinserted. The office responded that the SD card is merely a conduit from the machine to the home care provider, DME, or doctor and that all data recorded during therapy with the card inserted is also recorded with the card removed.
Most online information suggests that without the card in the machine, less data is recorded. This appears to be true based on a one night therapy session I did without the card in the machine. Data collected with the card in… Flow Rate, Pressure, Leak Rate, Snore, Respiratory Rate, Tidal Volume, Minute Ventilation, Inspiratory Time, Expiratory Time, AHI, and Time @ Pressure. Data collected without the card in… Pressure, Leak Rate, Snore, AHI, and Time @ Pressure. After I mentioned this to the doctor’s office they suggested I contact Respironics customer/technical  support for further assistance with my question.
Does the Respironics DreamStation DSX500H11C require the SD card to be inserted in the machine while providing therapy to record all needed data for the doctor's analysis of its effectiveness and/or compliance validation??? Or will inserting the SD card after several therapy sessions cause the all data to be written to the SD card for those sessions that the card wasn't inserted??? Or will there be a reduced data set recorded and then transferred to the SD card when reinserted???"

Anyone have an accurate answer for me???

RE: Data Recording Capabilities - alexp - 08-19-2019

Mine work without the sd card just like your. I get some info but not everything,