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Advice on settings, am I ok? - johanson - 09-11-2019

I've been using my Resmed airsense for almost a year now. I have had some problems on the way, but now things seems to be working our relatively well (For example I am forced to sleep on my back all the time, if not, I swallow air,  almost gave up on the machine before finding the solution of simply sleeping on my back..).
I have read posts on the forum on several occasions, and tried to understand all the settings that are available, though while understanding the basics, I dont feel that I have a sufficiently good understanding to set everything as it should be. (how do you know when you're ok?) My main problem is that some nights my sleep is good, and some nights, I dont know for what reason,  I have an AHI twice or three times as high. Any suggestions-opinions on my charts are more than welcome. I attach sleep charts for three nights to compare...

RE: Advice on settings, am I ok? - DeepBreathing - 09-11-2019

Hi Johanson. Looking at the charts provided I'd say you're doing very well if these are typical. Remember that an AHI under 5.0 is regarded as "treated" and your worst night is just over 2.0. These are all within the range of being well controlled. The main thing is to concentrate on your comfort, and in your case the aerophagia (swallowing air). You can see that the machine is trying to go to a higher pressure and normally we'd suggest you raise the maximum. In this case I think you're better leaving the settings as they are to avoid swallowing more air.

By the way, if you post the Oscar daily page it provides a better summary of what's happening. See the instructions to format the daily page here: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php?title=OSCAR_Chart_Organization

RE: Advice on settings, am I ok? - bonjour - 09-11-2019

Welcome to the Forum.

Your numbers are excellent. Mine are typically .5 or less. Normal variations bring mine up to about 2.5, occasionally even a bit higher, but then settle back down.

Your pressure is rising to the max set likely because of flow Limitations. These are best treated with a pressure difference between inhale and exhale pressure called pressure support on a BiLevel machine. For your AutoSet this means enabling EPR or exhale Pressure Relief.
Set your EPR on to full time and EPR =3.. this should actually feel more comfortable for you, if not try EPR=2 or 1.

If this works your pressures should become lower.

RE: Advice on settings, am I ok? - johanson - 09-11-2019

Thank you Bonjour & Deepbreathing. Precisely calibrations-settings like these that I was thinking about. I will post back once I've tried. Thanks