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Dreamstation Goes Awry - RWhipkey - 09-19-2019

I have used a Phillip’s Dreamstation since January 2017.  After initial success with the nasal Dreamwear and a chin strap, I really hit a homerun after I changed to a Dreamwear FFM and a soft cervical collar in May 2018.  My AHI has been consistently under 0.5 with my RDI usually under 1.0 (I know, RERA’s aren’t necessarily recorded accurately).  My pressure settings have been 9.5 to 12 with Cflex at 2.  My 90% pressure has been around 9.5 most nights and I seldom hit the maximum setting of 12.0.  All has gone well until recently.
On June 19, I read an error/service message on my machine.  I called my DME and Resperonics took my machine for service.  My numbers stayed the same as before on the loaner from the DME.  On July 25 my machine came back and I’ve had the following problems ever since:

1.       Every night within one or two minutes from starting the machine, a VS1 snore is recorded and the pressure increases 1 cm. I haven’t even fallen asleep yet!  Some nights, if I awaken to go to the bathroom, a VS1 snore is recorded in the following session within one or two minutes and the same thing happens.  Previously, I would only see a VS1 snore recorded about one or two times a month and it would be deep in a session.
2.      Suddenly, I have 50 to 90 VS2 snores a night, every night.  Prior to this I might have one or two a night, if any.  I turned this event setting off as it made a mess of my readouts.
3.      As a result, my average and 90% pressure readings have increased and I have reached the maximum pressure setting more often.
4.      Now my AHI has doubled as well as my RDI.
5.      My machine prior to being serviced was on firmware 1.17 and came back with 1.18.

My brother-in-law used to work for Resperonics and he suggested I call support there.  I was given a “technical” person who claimed that Sleepyhead or Oscar could not adequately report results and that they, Resperonics, gave them no credence whatsoever.  She asked me why I didn’t use Dreamapper to verify my results.  It didn’t matter that I pointed out that Dreamapper didn’t record snores.  She also said that a VS1 event would not result in a pressure increase; rather that it would take three successive VS1’s to increase pressure!  She asked that I request my DME to download my results and send them to her.

The respiratory therapist at my DME said that she had no idea of how to get my night’s results other than from Dreamapper, so she asked me to print my results from Sleepyhead or Oscar and give them to her.  I gave her many night’s results for comparison and she sent them to Resperonics.  That was about a month ago and we have heard nothing further.  Nonetheless, she remains convinced that higher-ups at Resperonics will take notice.  I have my doubts.  Has anyone else experienced something similar to this?  Do you think the machine is faulty or is it v. 1.18?  Any input is appreciated.

RE: Dreamstation Goes Awry - bonjour - 09-19-2019

Print out and post ALL settings
Let's see if there is something set wrong. Also, post a nightly chart with ALL charts. It might take several screenshots. We are looking for something that isn't right.

I do think that there is a good chance that you do have a problem with your machine.

RE: Dreamstation Goes Awry - RWhipkey - 09-19-2019

Here is a representative night:[attachment=15621][attachment=15622][attachment=15623]