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Sort of Frustrating - Paul Canaris - 02-15-2013

I finally decided to get a back-up CPAP so I wont be in a panic mode the next time my system wears out/breaks down. Since I have been on CPAP threapy for over 20 years I thought my Doctor would just write me a prescription that I could send to one of the on-line stores and buy. I intend to simply pay out of my own pocket for the CPAP as I am tired of dealing with DME's and the mark-up games they play and my insurance company who limits who I can obtain my sleep apnea supplies from to these same sources.
Anyways I made the mistake of observing out loud that a Auto CPAP seems to be a good way to go from all I have read.
I was surprised to say the least when he told me that he would not write me a prescription without first sending me to a pulmonologist to get an opinion on whether APAP's actually work effectively. I understand it is his medical license that is on the line when he writes a prescription, but I thought that the APAP concept was well thought of, proven, having FDA clearnace and not some experiemental flavor of the month. Perhaps I am missing something, would appreciate anyones thoughts and has anyone run into this sort of thing before?

RE: Sort of Frustrating - zonk - 02-15-2013

welcome to the forum Paul
cannot help, I don,t reside in US
there is no doubt apap can works as effectively as cpap

maybe the doc does not know that apap is two machines in one and more cost effective
[for example: S9 Autoset (apap) cost $50 more than S9 Elite (cpap)]

can be used as cpap to deliver constant pressure all night or on auto to adjust the pressure during the night

RE: Sort of Frustrating - Paul Canaris - 02-15-2013

Your right, explained all of that and it did not a bit of good to change his mind. Concerned now that the Pulmonologist will want me to take another sleep study (can't stand taking those things) and wont simply give me a sign-off on the APAP. Thats what attracted me to the APAP in the first place is that it seems to avoid the need for regular sleep studies. Well I guess I'll see what happens.

RE: Sort of Frustrating - trish6hundred - 02-15-2013

Hi Paul Canaris, WELCOME! to the forum.!
Hang in there for more suggestions.
You can get an APAP and run it on straight CPAP.
Best of luck to you in getting the machine you really want.

RE: Sort of Frustrating - jgjones1972 - 02-15-2013

Some places will let you buy an APAP with a CPAP prescription. They just set it to CPAP mode and the prescribed pressure on the script before shipping it out. Once you get it you can get into the clinical settings and set it however you want at your own discretion (and risk).

I would suggest calling the suppliers and asking what they require on the prescription because the prescription regulations are so vague that it seems there are as many different policies as there are suppliers.


RE: Sort of Frustrating - PaulaO2 - 02-15-2013

The prescription does not need to say APAP if you are paying out of pocket. So go back and tell him you saw the error of your ways and will bow to his superior wisdom while, in your mind, you are flipping him a bird and dancing naked behind his back.

RE: Sort of Frustrating - Shastzi - 02-15-2013

Hi Paul,
I suspect your physician, pulmonologist and sleep clinic are running a Charlie Foxtrot operation where they
all are agreeing under the table to send each other business.
I would change doctors if it's possible. He is perfectly capable of writing a CPAP prescript for you
for that particular machine. The other possibility is: He is stupid.
So you want to be rid of him either way.

RE: Sort of Frustrating - Sleepster - 02-15-2013

(02-15-2013, 05:53 PM)Paul Canaris Wrote: Perhaps I am missing something, would appreciate anyones thoughts and has anyone run into this sort of thing before?

Go to the Supplier #1 web site. Fill out the form there giving them the contact information for your doctor. They'll get the prescription from the doctor and let you make a copy of it.

Or you could just call your doctor's office and tell them you need a copy of your prescription. They have to give it to you.

Once you get it you can use it buy a CPAP or a APAP.

RE: Sort of Frustrating - vsheline - 02-16-2013

(02-15-2013, 11:02 PM)Sleepster Wrote: Once you get it you can use it buy a CPAP or a APAP.

Hi Paul,

If you want a brand new machine, I suggest checking the prices for Open Box Specials from Supplier #2.

Take care,
--- Vaughn

RE: Sort of Frustrating - Shastzi - 02-16-2013

What Sleepster & vsheline said.
There you are Paul. You have your marching orders!
Now go forth and CONQUER!