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2019 BMC Luna IQ Auto CPAP time issue - v4moose - 11-07-2019

Hi all,

I'm wondering if any one who uses the Luna machine has come across an issue with the time not staying correct?

In my instance, the time will advance, but only about 2 hours every 24. It also doesn't appear to do this consistently. For instance today i reset the time at 12pm. At 2pm it was still saying 12pm.

Do any fine folk share this problem or have a fix?

Cheers Smile

RE: 2019 BMC Luna IQ Auto CPAP time issue - DeepBreathing - 11-07-2019

G'day v4moose. Welcome to Apnea Board (from another Perthite).

First thing to do is get hold of the clinical manual for your machine, which should include the relevant instructions. You can get a copy at this link: https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pressure/change-cpap-pressure-settings-adjusting-your-machine-with-a-clinician-setup-manual

Make sure you follow the instructions on that page exactly (it makes life much easier for our hardworking elves).

If the manual doesn't help then my guess is that there is an issue with the power supply to the internal clock. Not terribly familiar with your machine but most devices of this type have a small battery (usually soldered to the motherboard) to maintain settings etc when the machine is not plugged in. It may be that the battery has failed. If it's a 2019 machine it will still be under warranty to it's probably worth having a deep & meaningful chat with your supplier.

It shouldn't be a daylight saving issue, we don't do daylight saving in WA. However... does the machine expect a daylight saving change? Don't know.