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chin strap/jaw support - tarah - 11-07-2019

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good chin strap that helps to support the lower jaw?  I have tried a few chin straps and they actually make the lower jaw receding even worse because the pressure of the strap on my chin is pulling my jaw backwards.

I am looking for something that fits more underneath my lower jaw and helps to keep my jaw supported.  Any good ones out there?

I am getting ready for my nasal surgery to go so amazingly well that I can begin using a nasal mask again with a chin/jaw strap!

RE: chin strap/jaw support - OpalRose - 11-07-2019

I’ve never been a fan of chin straps.  They tend to pull the jaw back and that’s not what you want.  But maybe someone else has better luck using them.

Have you tried a soft cervical collar?  

Hey, good luck with your surgery.  Hopefully, it will make a huge difference in your breathing.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - edfreeman - 11-07-2019

The ones that are like straps sewed onto skull caps are best for holding the chin straight up rather than "in and up."  There are others that will hold the chin up, but the weakness is staying on the head. 

I've tried one recently called "Dual Band Chinstrap" (Google is your friend) that is effective at holding the chin up very well with no "in," stays on the head quite well, too.  However, like all of them, it has a down side, that being that patch of Velcro for the straps to attach to is thick and transmits sound, specifically the sound of the air flowing through my Resmed P30i tubes.  I've used that mask with a cervical collar, too, and have never really noticed any airflow noise.  Isn't super loud, was mainly just new.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - edfreeman - 11-07-2019

Meant to add that another effective chin strap was the "Ultimate Chin Strap" that has two "wraps," one going under the chin to the top of the head, the other going from the front of the chin to the back of the head, but mainly to cover the mouth and provide stability. How much "in" force was up to the user. It was very effective at staying on the head and stopping mouth leaks, but with that big, comparatively thick piece of cloth wrapping up the chin and covering the mouth, it was more confining than a full face mask, at least to me. No idea what sort of advantage there was supposed to be.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - tarah - 11-07-2019

I already use a cervical collar but it doesn't keep my jaw from receding back.  Thanks for your kind words about my surgery

RE: chin strap/jaw support - jhuckabyjr - 11-07-2019

I've used a Respironics Premium chin strap for about 4 years, would replace it with a new one every 6 months or so. Fair results, not great but I thought it was the best I could do. Have tried many different masks, nasal pillows, etc. Stayed with the Dreamwear pillows. I recently contacted the VA about providing my CPAP supplies, which they did, since I was eligible. I was asked if I wanted to try a new mask, the N30i, and that, along with a Carefusion ruby red chin strap have taken a little getting used to, but my numbers and leaks have really gotten into tight control. Very pleased so far.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - Lanco - 11-08-2019

I tried some chin straps.  That lasted a few minutes.  I have found success by switching to a FFM.  I am successfully using the Resmed F20 AirTouch foam cushion. It tends to support my jaw and helps keep my mouth shut.  I tried the F20 AirFit but it does not support my jaw and had problems with opening my mouth, dry mouth and aerophagia.  The right FFM is so much more comfortable than a chin strap also.   Try it, you'll like it.

I also have used an Apex Wizard 220 FFM for a long time with excellent results also.  Only about $65 from one of our suppliers.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - LeonardoDR - 11-08-2019

I'm basically with edfreeman regarding the "Knightsbridge Dual Band" chin strap.  All the standard neoprene ones push your jaw into your jaw joint which is bad for a couple of reasons (it hurts and it recedes your jaw when you want it extended).  The Dual Band lifts from under the chin and has an elastic band and a non-elastic band, so it's very comfortable.  Very smart design.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - JoeyWallaby - 11-08-2019

All neoprene chin straps are bad.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - LeonardoDR - 11-08-2019

(11-08-2019, 02:25 PM)JoeyWallaby Wrote: All neoprene chin straps are bad.

Yes.  The Knightsbridge Dual Band is made of fabrics.  Totally different design.  It works and is comfortable!