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RE: chin strap/jaw support - tarah - 11-08-2019

Thank you everyone!  I am going to order the Knightsbridge Dual Band Chinstrap.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - tarah - 11-25-2019

I wanted to report back that this chinstrap (more of a jaw support really) is amazing.  I used it for the first time last night.  I couldn't even tell I had it on, and I'm hopeful that when I switch to the nasal pillow mask, it will help keep that in place better.  Most importantly, it actually kept my mouth closed, which no other chinstrap has done because the force is always pulling my jaw backwards, which is the exact opposite of what I want to happen.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - Sleeprider - 11-26-2019

The knightsbridge looks like a great concept, and applies pressure in much the same way as the soft cervical collars we often talk about. Most chin straps pull back, but this one is actually up and forward, and minimal pressure.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - SarcasticDave94 - 11-26-2019

The Knightsbridge item looks interesting. I may buy one of these, the PAPCap, or both for myself sometime. I'm trying to use nasal or pillows instead of just full face, for smaller form factor and comfort. But my big mouth doesn't want to stay closed.

Hope this works well. Maybe you'd do a review on it.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - edfreeman - 11-26-2019

As I stated earlier, it works well and does hold the chin straight up. It is an alternative to wearing a "neck warmer," which is what the collar can be sometimes (undesirable). But, it is a head covering, albeit a ventilated one over the top of the head, and it does, at least for me, transmit the sound of air flowing through the P30i tubes. It isn't loud, of course, and I slept once I got used to it (heck, some people sleep with noises louder than that on purpose), but it does transmit that sound on the sides and since it covers the ears with the harder velcro fabric.

It's a trade-off for us mouth breathers. One way or another (full face, neck warmer, head warmer/toboggan) our heads are going to be confined. Last week and a half, I've donned the F30, and it isn't really that bad and doesn't leak at all.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - propellerhead - 11-27-2019

I have been using this one:

It's a little tight but it works.  I am not allowed to post links here but you should be able to find it via the photo on Amazon.

RE: chin strap/jaw support - LeonardoDR - 11-27-2019

propellerhead, the "little tight" is what you can avoid with the Knightsbridge Dual Band.  It's designed to work but you feel almost no force ...

RE: chin strap/jaw support - propellerhead - 11-27-2019

(11-27-2019, 11:43 AM)LeonardoDR Wrote: propellerhead, the "little tight" is what you can avoid with the Knightsbridge Dual Band.  It's designed to work but you feel almost no force ...

Thanks for the suggestion.  As it's like a cap, I can see how it dissipates the tension to make things more comfortable.  However I think I might get too claustrophobic when wearing my cpap mask with it.   Do you use this with a cpap mask as well?

RE: chin strap/jaw support - LeonardoDR - 11-27-2019

Yes, the Knightsbridge is good with nasal pillows to stop mouth leakage.  The only claustraphobic aspect for me is that it covers the ears, which I actually like because I'm sensitive to sounds while sleeping.  Other than that I hardly notice it except mildly under the chin.  (But then I'm bald and wear knit caps a lot anyway.)

RE: chin strap/jaw support - DaveL - 08-04-2020

(11-08-2019, 02:42 AM)Lanco Wrote: I tried some chin straps.  That lasted a few minutes.  I have found success by switching to a FFM.  I am successfully using the Resmed F20 AirTouch foam cushion. It tends to support my jaw and helps keep my mouth shut.  I tried the F20 AirFit but it does not support my jaw and had problems with opening my mouth, dry mouth and aerophagia.  The right FFM is so much more comfortable than a chin strap also.   Try it, you'll like it.

I also have used an Apex Wizard 220 FFM for a long time with excellent results also.  Only about $65 from one of our suppliers.

I wish that solution would work for me. I found the F20 leaked badly, and I was claustrophobic. I lasted about 1-2 hours with the mask on during a one week trial.

I'm glad it works for you.

I use a C'pap cap off and on.  (no pun intended).  If I don't get it on right it slips down over my eyes! That doesn't help my claustrophobia!