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ResScan software quick question - Broomstick - 11-17-2019

I'll explain in another thread, but I'm thinking about buying the ResMed home sleep study device from eBay because I want to see some things on my own time. 

Is the ResScan software (version 5.9 or something) the right software that is needed to see the results? Or is that an entirely different program? I see a link to it posted on this forum, so you guys probably would know the answer.

RE: ResScan software quick question - 70sSanO - 11-17-2019

My first inclination is that ReScan will not give you all the data that a home respiratory polygraphy (PG) gives, but I’m not sure; i.e. I don’t recall snore in ReScan.

Most of the people here use, and are well versed on, OSCAR software, if the Resmed Home test has a way of downloading the data, you might be able to use OSCAR. I don’t know. My gut feeling is it may use wifi directly to a provider.

Keep in mind, most in the industry do not even want patients to consider making changes to their machines, let alone actually make them. I would be surprised if you could do your own titration.


RE: ResScan software quick question - DeepBreathing - 11-17-2019

A similar question came up recently. IIRC ResScan doesn't support the Apnea Link device - it has its own software called ApneaLink Air, and communicates via wireless. You need to have a health provider account at Resmed to get access to the software.

RE: ResScan software quick question - Broomstick - 11-18-2019

Ugh. In the perfect world, this would be a thing that you could borrow from your local library, look at the results on your computer, then return it the next day.