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non-functional buttons - OHIOHAM - 11-20-2019

I have been using CPAP for some 30 years and wouldn't be without it (for those who are pondering a start on CPAP).  However, my ResMed Escape II is beginning to malfunction and I need some advice to accomplish a cure.  NONE of the buttons work any more, to turn on and off this machine I have to use the electric wall socket to plug it in or unplug it.  Is there some sort of "reset" or fuse that can be accessed to get the machine back on track?

RE: non-functional buttons - DeepBreathing - 11-21-2019

G'day OHIOHAM. Welcome to Apnea Board.

Push buttons do wear out over time, and diaphragm type buttons can accumulate dust or dirt in the contacts. I'm not really familiar with the S8 so I don't know what type of buttons it may have. However for all of them to go out at once sounds like a more fundamental problem - possibly a failed circuit board, or a failed (or loose) connector. If you're handy with a screwdriver you might be able to see if a connector between the switch panel and the main circuit board has come loose.

Generally, to reset a CPAP machine we just turn it off, wait a respectable period for the capacitors to discharge (up to 30 minutes) then turn it back on. It sounds like you're already doing this by default.

Hopefully some other members will chime in with some more detailed suggestions.

RE: non-functional buttons - SuperSleeper - 11-21-2019

I know this won't help repair your machine, but IMHO, it's time to get a new machine.

The ResMed S8 Escape II is rather old technology and CPAP machines have improved dramatically since those came out in 2008.  Many of them are auto-adusting and fully data-capable as well.


The average expected lifespan of a CPAP machine is around 5 years.  If you've been using the Excape II since 2008-09, you're looking at 10 years of use, which is twice the average lifespan.

Eventhough your Escape II may work now, if the buttons are already failing, other parts, especially the blower, are going to fail soon as well.

Why not use this opportunity to get a new, modern machine?  You can still keep the Escape II, but use it only for a backup device.

These days, you can get a pretty good basic machine for around $250 brand new from most online suppliers.  If you have any sort of health care insurance, CPAP machines are covered devices.

Figure out a way to get one if you can.

Fix your Excape II, yes, but I'm hoping that such an old machine isn't your primary CPAP.  It's going to fail, and I'm surprised it's made it this long.


RE: non-functional buttons - JoeyWallaby - 11-21-2019

Agree 100% with SuperSleeper. A S9 or AirSense 10 is far better than the S8. If you can afford to upgrade, do it.