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Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hopeseeker - 11-22-2019

Hi everyone,

I had been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea by sleep study with prescription from doctor. Due to the high cost of CPAP machine in my country and no insurance cover, I had bought CPAP machine (Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset) from online oversea supplier. I skipped buying the CPAP mask online as I concern non-suitability of the mask. 

I never use CPAP machine before. Now, I faced the issue of having no knowledge of setting up the CPAP machine to get it ready for my therapy. If I bought the machine via local consultant, they can help me to setup and customise the machine to cater to my condition but come with a high price which I hardly can afford.

My doubt/issues are as below:-
1)  Can I learn to setup the machine to cater my condition via learning from internet? If so, can you provide any source of information.
2) I might decide to rent a mask to try out before I commit to buy a mask. As mask is expensive in my country. But the rent period for the mask is only 1 week for fixed rent. If I decide to extend the trial period, I need to pay another week rental. Since I have no knowledge to setup the machine for my condition, I might need to trial and error on the machine. So, if the therapy not going well, I will not know if it is due to not setting the machine correctly or the mask not suitable for me. This is my assumption.

Appreciate if anyone can help provide suggestion and possible solution for my doubt and issues as above mentioned?

If anyone have the same experience like me, please do share your solution.



RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - DeepBreathing - 11-22-2019

G'day Hopeseeker. Welcome to Apnea Board. You've come to the right place to learn all about apnea and managing your machine!

Yes, you can definitely learn to set up your own machine and monitor your own progress. You have purchased an excellent machine for obstructive sleep apnea - probably the best available. There is a wealth of information available here at Apnea Board, and members will be willing to help with any specific questions. The steps to take now are:
  1. Read the user manual that came with your machine and make sure you're familiar with the machine and how to assemble it.
  2. Get hold of the clinical manual for your machine. This will give you a lot more detailed information and how to access functions which users are lock out of (like setting pressures). You can get the manual from this link: https://www.apneaboard.com/adjust-cpap-pressure/change-cpap-pressure-settings-adjusting-your-machine-with-a-clinician-setup-manual  Be sure to follow the instructions on that page exactly to make sure you get the right manual.
  3. Download and install OSCAR software. OSCAR is a program that gives you a LOT of detailed information about your therapy. Using the charts produced by Oscar you can seek guidance from the members here.
Initially set your machine as follows:
  • Minimum pressure: 7
  • Maximum pressure: 15
  • EPR: 3
  • Ramp: Off

Once you have a night or two with those settings, download the data to Oscar and post a "daily chart" to this forum for advice.

Regarding the mask - this is the hardest part of therapy, getting a mask which works for you. Many people try several masks before finding one that suits them. Have a read of the mask primer, which gives lots of good advice: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php/Mask_Primer

Hope this helps. Please don't hesitate to ask any further questions.

RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hydrangea - 11-22-2019

I agree with DeepBreathing.

Send the email to get the manual for your machine, and that will give you the info you need in order to set up your machine.

Regarding mask... that is a tough one. Renting for one week seems like a fair way to go.

RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hopeseeker - 04-19-2020


Thanks very much for your advice. Now I only start learning how to setup the machine by following your advice. To be frank, I am quite reluctant to use the machine all this while as I really do not like the feeling of mask attaching to my face when I am asleep.

My OSA level is moderate leading to severe since when I was diagnosed some time ago. Sometime, after I wake up from bed, i feel some headache and heavy head, I am sure that is the sleep apnea effect.

So i decided to learn to use the machine now, hopefully can see big difference after I use it effectively.

Again, thanks for your advice.


Steven Chia

RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Dormeo - 04-19-2020

Steven, you have excellent advice there about how to start off with your settings. A few other things: be sure there is a filter in the filter compartment. If there isn't, you need to get one before you start using the machine. Also check whether there's an SD; if there isn't, get one so you can export your data to Oscar.

Getting used to the whole experience is something we all have to go through. Some people take to it quite easily, but for the rest of us it takes some time. I recommend that you start out by setting up the machine somewhere other than your bedroom where you can read or watch TV or do something else pleasant and distracting. Use the machine in this way for several hours at a stretch. This will speed up the adaptation process.

You can try night-time use right away or wait a week or two. Don't worry if you have trouble falling asleep or don't succeed right away in sleeping with the mask on and the machine running. Keep working on the adaptation process and you will get there.

RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hopeseeker - 04-26-2020

Thanks Dormeo for your advice. I had tried the machine for 2 days. Like what you said, it is not easy to sleep with mask. I will slowly get used to it.

I had saved my 2 nights sleep in data and will download to Oscar. Will generate a daily chart for experienced users in this forum to advice.


RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Dormeo - 04-26-2020

Hi, I see you have started a new thread. I would suggest that you now stick with the new thread for a while so that people who are helping you can see the history more easily.

RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hopeseeker - 04-27-2020

Hi Dormeo,

Yup, is good idea. I will stick with the new thread. 


RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - Hopeseeker - 08-10-2020

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well. 

After my machine not working for quite some time and recently I have had my machine fixed. It is the power unit issue so vendor sent me a new one. Now I start using my machine.

But I got one issue when using the machine. Every night during my sleep, I would inadvertently remove my mask. When i wake up, I would see my mask just beside me but not on my face. 

I am not sure what is the reason. Hope anyone can help to resolve this?


RE: Can I setup CPAP machine myself? - OpalRose - 08-10-2020

Have you changed masks? Be sure the mask setting in your machine is set for the type of mask you are using.

If you are removing your mask without realizing, then it could be a couple reasons.

Is it possible the mask does not fit properly and is not comfortable, or another reason could be that your pressure settings are not optimal for you, therefore you may not be getting enough air.

I suggest you post a screenshot of the daily page in OSCAR, so we could see what's going on.