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Hypopneas - Dogjudge - 12-01-2019

I've used my Phillips System one for 4-1/2 years. I've hardly gotten a good night's sleep for a week in a row.

The issue isn't apneas, it's hypopneas and always has been.

The other night my periodic breathing was 29%. Maybe 98% of it was due to hypopneas. I don't think I've ever had a night where those are under 10%. 

I've tried various things with the pressure and still can't get that down. My guess is that's what's causing my issues.

Can anyone give me some ideas what drives those?

Lowering both pressures. Lowering the low pressure only. Lowering the high pressure only. Nothing seems to work.

As an aside, and the above was going on before these things.

10/8 - Diagnosed with diabetes
From about 9/1 to 11/1, I lost 40 lbs. 240 to 200. 

I'm 71. Covered by Medicare. Since I was in the AF from '67 to '71, I'm also covered by the VA. I'm setting up an appt. with a VA Sleep person, but don't have an appt. yet. 

I'm hoping that in July (when I've had my machine for 5 years), that I'll be able to get a new machine which possibly will work better. Who knows. If I get lucky, maybe the VA will replace my unit right away.

RE: Hypopneas - OpalRose - 12-01-2019

Hi Dogjudge,
Welcome to Apnea Board!

I’m sure you will attract some responses once you post some data.

It looks like you already have OSCAR downloaded. All you need to do now is take a screenshot of the daily page. Following the links in my signature line, paying attention to the organization of the chart and then use the Attachment Feature to post a couple graphs here.