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CPAP Cleaning devices - dugoodm - 12-06-2019

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience and possible recommendations on a CPAP cleaning machine.  I've seen SoClean ($$$) and PrimeClean advertised.  Both use Ozone (activated oxygen) to clean/sterilize your CPAP system.

I'd like to get some feedback on this type of cleaning if anyone has used one of these devices.

SoClean sells for around $350;  PrimeClean is advertised for $99


RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - SarcasticDave94 - 12-06-2019

Hi dugoodm Duane,

A sincere welcome to the Apnea Board.

Just my opinion, but I'd say not to waste your money on those cleaners. For over 2 1/2 years, I've cleaned my masks and other equipment with Dawn dish soap and very warm water only, with air drying time. My equipment is as clean as is necessary.

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - Big Guy - 12-06-2019

Save your money for something more worthwhile. Nothing cleans as good as some good ole hot water and Dawn dish soap. 

The machines just sanitize. They don't actually clean.

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - dugoodm - 12-07-2019

Thanks for the feedback...

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - Janyn - 12-08-2019

If you are inclined to get one, I have the Lumin and the Lumin bullet. They work very well and are extremely easy and quick to use. No bad ozone to break down your components either. As others have said you can use soap and water but I like the ease of disinfecting quickly using a unit. I still use wipes on my mask to clean it routinely.

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - SleepyTexasGirl - 12-18-2019

I will say my dad has the SoClean and my mom complains that his mask leaks. (They sleep in separate rooms). I don't know that he washes his masks regularly to deal with the oils on the mask, and that oily skin runs in the family. Or maybe I get that from Mom?

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - RLMMG - 12-19-2019

This is good information

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - Palmtrees - 02-11-2020

I had the Lumin and it made my tubing smell very bad... like old fried onions or something. I had to wash it out with Dawn and water afterwards to get rid of the smell, but it did not totally go away. I wrote to the manufacturer and they assured me that this is due to the death of the organisms killed by the ultraviolet light and that this would go away after repeated use (2-3 times a week). however, it did not. So after about six months I sold it. I have heard from other people that there was no problem with an odor. I don't know why that is. However, now I am just cleaning with Dawn and water and once a week, vinegar/water mixture. Since I change my supplies regularly as instructed by manufacturer, I feel OK with this. I have not had any problem with illness, sinusitis, bad smell or anything. So, this works for me. someone who has chronic sinus issues may need a different regimen. hope this helps.

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - Sleeprider - 02-11-2020

UV light is damaging to plastics and cause deterioration. Any plastic product used outdoors must have UV stabilizers added to prevent them from disintegrating in the sun. Now ask yourself if your CPAP manufacturer is using a UV stabilizer in your CPAP tubing which is intended to be used indoors, and washed with mild soap.

RE: CPAP Cleaning devices - Crimson Nape - 02-11-2020

Adding to Sleeprider's comments. If you were the manufacturer, would you spend the additional cost of the UV stabilizers for a product that would last longer and you make money replacing it?