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When to replace hose etc? - okieman - 01-08-2020

I've been stable a long time with my setup. But ... noticing more problems keeping hose and nasal pillow clean. Seems to be getting funky more often. Could that be a sign the plastic material is going bad?? Don't see any discoloration at all. Current parts are a year old.

(wash with soap/water and have special wipes. )

RE: When to replace hose etc? - SarcasticDave94 - 01-08-2020

Go for a swap I'd say. These parts last longer than the DME would tell us, but if you've got a year out of them, and the parts might be contributing to any questionable negative thing, probably retire the old ones.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - Big Guy - 01-08-2020

I'm still using the original hose that came with my machine. That was Sept. of 2018. It still looks fine, as far as I can tell. It gets a good wash about every two weeks or so. 

No funky smell, discoloration, or anything. As others have already mentioned, I'm finding that my CPAP parts last a lot longer than my DME supplier would suggest.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - DeepBreathing - 01-08-2020

FWIW my first hose (Resmed heated) lasted four or five years. The only reason I replaced it was that the mask connector had worn and the mask kept pulling off, otherwise it was still perfect.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - okieman - 01-09-2020

Could this be environmental? The bedroom seems dry and clean.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - mesenteria - 01-09-2020

Is there a pulp mill, a coal-fired plant, something that might emit sulfuric fumes nearby?  That might be the environmental factor.  Otherwise, I don't know.

How often do you change your filter?

BTW, I'm using the same N20 mask and the same Climateline hose I was issued when I first started CPAP 25 months ago. I don't clean mine very often, mask maybe twice a month, the hose and headgear about once every four weeks...just 'cuz.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - okieman - 01-09-2020

The filter changing is another issue, because I don't see any buildup of dirt. Maybe the crud is the same color as the filter material. I'll change it anyway!

RE: When to replace hose etc? - SarcasticDave94 - 01-09-2020

For me, the filter is the only item I change frequently, monthly is typical.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - PaulaO2 - 01-09-2020

If you have a mold allergy or sensitivity, change your hose every 6mos. Keep the old one as backup and toss the one you had as backup for it.

If you clean things regularly, and prevent any mold from growing, they last for as long as you can maintain them. For me, it's the ends of the hoses (where they attach to other hoses or whatev) that give out first.

If your hose is smooth on the inside, it should be even better. If it has ripples or grooves, change it every 6 mos.

Changing the filter is more important. Not because it keeps stuff out of your nose, but because the machine has to work harder if the filter is clogged.

RE: When to replace hose etc? - Osiris357 - 01-09-2020

I asked my doc to have Lincare send me a heated hose. She said sure but don’t get anymore unless you want spares because with proper care it will last for years. I already had one but figured I’d make it easier and have it show every 3 months but since it’ll last for years why bother. I soak mine in hot soapy water for 45 mins every week so it should last forever. Except for the one I stepped on and broke the copper wire. Don’t do that  Too-funny