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Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - farnsy - 01-26-2020

My insurance makes me rent my CPAP for three months before they will buy it. The provider had both Resmed and Philips CPAPs and they gave me the DreamStation Auto, I guess because they have a very slight preference for the information it sends back to them. They would have given me the Resmed S10 AirSense if I had asked for it, but I had no basis for preference at the time. I'm quite certain that if I ask, they will still swap them out (I'm still in the rental period).

Spending some time here, it seems like the consensus is that the DreamStation Auto and S10 AirSense AutoSet are very similar machines, functionally. However, every time I hear someone give an opinion, they seem to prefer the Resmed.  Things I've seen so far here and elsewhere:
  • The auto titrating algorithm is more responsive
  • The mechanism used to detect obstruction is more advanced
  • Air pressure can be tuned at a finer level
  • The humidification is more effective and holds more water
  • The community here of Resmed folks is somewhat larger, though I don't know if that matters
  • Philips keep some things proprietary that they shouldn't, like the pressure variance of C-flex and what the purpose of the mask type marker is (the x1, x2, x3, x4, x5 that only appear on their own masks)
  • Some people say Resmed  EPR is more effective than C-flex

Of course, its easy for a forum to have a brand bias and most people don't try multiple brands anyway, but I was wondering if there is anyone who will speak up for Philips. Are there any advantages? Is there any respect or situation in which swapping out one machine for the other (at no extra cost) would be a mistake?

If I scrape all my knowledge, the only things I've noticed are:
  • The Resmed runs on 24 volts vs 12 for the Philips, so generic battery power will be much easier to find for the Philips. Though for some reason a 12v-12v adapter is still recommended (why?)
  • Both are quiet, but the Philips is a hair quieter, and if you don't take the humidifier, physically smaller

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - bonjour - 01-27-2020

If you are already getting excellent therapy from a PR machine and are having no issues then you have no reason to change.

All too often I see issues with therapy on a PR machine that are easily handled by a ResMed.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - OpalRose - 01-27-2020

I always had decent therapy with my 60 Series machine (predecessor to the DreamStation).
I had decent enough AHI readings, (around 1 or 2),  but had several arousals from what I believe is caused by Rera's and FL.  Those events don't add into the AHI.

Expiratory breathing was always a bit rough with Flex (used 1 or 2 setting.)

Recently, I've been trialing a ResMed VAuto, still trying to dial in my settings.  The first thing I noticed is that my breathing felt natural than with the Respironics machine.  Maybe the right term is less labored.

I have some tweaking to do, but I feel (for me), the ResMed will work out better long term.

If you feel comfy with the DreamStation, and can get it dialed in correctly and see good results, then this is a decision only you can make.

There is no doubt the DS is less aggressive than a ResMed. It depends what your needs are.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - jaswilliams - 01-27-2020

Your supplier probably makes more dollars on the Philip's they tend to be cheaper and your insurance will pay the same for both machines

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - ragtopcircus - 01-27-2020

The only thing I liked better about the Dreamstation was the character of the noise. I don't think it was actually more quiet than the Resmed Airsense/Aircurve 10 series; it may have even been louder. The Dreamstation just sounded more like a strong wind outside, while the Air* 10 machines have a faintly wheezy character.

My wife and I both switched from Respironics (she had the previous generation and I had a Dreamstation Pro) to Resmed and definitely find the therapy to be more effective and comfortable with Resmed.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - sleepyp - 01-27-2020

If you require low to moderate bilevel function to treat your condition then the Resmed wins as the Dreamstation Auto doesn't do this.
The Dreamstation has a slower/different response in auto mode which may suit some people.
Most of the other differences are non therapy related from what I can see.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - WSHenry - 01-27-2020

After over five years treatment, I retired my PR 560 Auto a little over a year ago, and have used a Dreamstation Auto machine for the past year.

I was diagnosed with an AHI of about 6. My treated AHI averages 1.6, with pressure at or below 7.5 90% of the time.

I don't need the more aggressive algorithm to treat my mild apnea.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - farnsy - 01-27-2020

Thanks for your input, folks. The sound isn't a factor for me as I have a powerful air purifier running at night and also use earplugs, so I actually can't even tell if my CPAP is running from the sound. It really is quiet, though.

Anyway, today I called my supplier and asked to be swapped out. She's contacting her manager to get the details handled but they don't really have any leverage to say no. I'm just renting the machine and can easily return it and go elsewhere if I want. In fact, there are several good resmeds on craigslist for reasonable prices if I just want to skip insurance completely.

Still open to other ideas as it's not a done deal, but tentatively I think I'll jump on the ResMed bandwagon. My next task will be to find a mask that actually works well for me...that's a much more difficult journey.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - Sleeprider - 01-27-2020

I used Philips machines for 8 years before making the switch. I think you'll be surprised at the improved comfortable way air is delivers with EPR vs Flex.

RE: Does anyone prefer Dreamstations to Resmed? - ragtopcircus - 01-27-2020

To be specific, the machine you want is the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset. The Airsense 10 For Her is also fine - it’s the same as the regular Autoset, except it has an extra operating mode that you don’t have to use.