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SPO2 data on some Fitbit devices - Clay L - 01-30-2020

I saw the following on CNet yesterday. SPo2 graphs are being rolled out now and will be available for all users with the listed devices some time in 2020.

"Fitbit has finally activated its blood oxygen monitoring feature on its Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2, Ionic and Charge 3 wearables, after years of waiting, the company confirmed to CNET on Wednesday. While Apple still holds the largest smart watch market share, Fitbit (which Google has agreed to buy, in a deal expected to close this year) beat it to the punch with the release of the blood oxygen monitoring function. 

Fitbit users in the US on Wednesday started seeing blood oxygen saturation data appear in the app, Tizenhelp first reported. Sensors on the back of the devices give users an estimate of the variability of oxygen levels in their bloodstream. This information is useful for detecting variations in breathing while you sleep, which could indicate sleep apnea. "

RE: SPO2 data on some Fitbit devices - Clay L - 01-31-2020

That feature may not be worth much. The following is from a post on the Fitbit forum.

"The data it supplies on the app is useless. Nothing but a graph, no numbers no % to tell you what your spo2 levels are. Nothing more than you have either small variations or large variations in saturation. Considering your breathing slow when you sleep I would expect variations in the saturation levels. Your monitor is a joke. Tell me how I can turn this feature off since I don't want you collecting data on me that you are not sharing fully. Time to get rid of Fitbit and go with another tracker that at least gives me all my personal data. "

RE: SPO2 data on some Fitbit devices - tedgreen - 02-01-2020

I haven't received the update yet on my Fitbit versa, but I think it's welcome, even if not fully accurate. I don't think there is any other device is that price range that can give SPO2 data, and many people suffer from OSA without knowing.

It will give some indication on whether CPAP is working or not, and also if I still suffer from OSA when no using CPAP (e.g. after removing my mask half way through the night).

The sleep tracking in Fitbit was surprising accurate last time I had a full overnight sleep study done, and we compared the results/sleep phases. The Fitbit watch could detect most of the sleep phases. The sleep doctor was impressed.

RE: SPO2 data on some Fitbit devices - Clay L - 02-01-2020

I think it will be interesting even if it isn't a full blown recording oximeter. I suspect the Fitbit engineers may be limited by the computing power and memory size of the small device. Also glad to hear that the sleep info was close to the sleep study results. I know that mine is very good about the  times I am awake because I have a projection clock showing on the ceiling and I usually glance up to see the time when I wake up and it corelates with my Fitbit pretty well. Can't tell about REM and deep sleep though.