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Looking for the right frame size with Swift FX - PaulaBunyan - 02-14-2020

If I am in between small and medium with DreamWear frames, can somebody give me an educated guess as to what size frame I would need with Swift FX?

With the DreamWear I have been using (unsuccessfully), I started with a medium frame, purchased on the internet, and thought it was a little too large. I went down the road for a fitting, and was told I needed a small frame. But the small frame wants to sit on my hairline instead of on the top of my head. I suspect I need something in between.

There are other issues with the DreamWear. The headstrap (on both size frames) intrudes on my ear instead of  staying superior to my ear as the ad pix shows. The original style headstrap slides around on my head. The new angled headstrap stays in place better but has additional uncomfortable bumps. I get so many large leaks I am not getting any real therapy.

I think I will try the Swift FX next, since it has an adjustable frame. But still it comes in lots of frame sizes. Can anybody give me an educated guess, given my experience with DreamWear, as to whether I need the "For Her" version with Swift FX, and what size (small, medium?) would be best?

I could go back to the brick & mortar place, but they did not hit the mark with the DreamWear purchase. They did a quick fit with me sitting in a chair, and I thought their recommendation would work, but it doesn't.

RE: Looking for the right frame size with Swift FX - Sleeprider - 02-14-2020

I used the Swift FX for many years before switching the the Airfit P10. I don't know why you would not go directly to the Airfit P10 which comes with a fit kit with 3 different pillow sizes. The Airfit P10 For Her comes with a smaller headgear and XS, S and M nasal pillows. The regular version has a slightly larger headgear and comes with S, M and L nasal pillows. The main difference is that the Airfit is much quieter than the FX which exhausts a stream of air from the elbow in front of the mask frame, and the headgear is softer and more minimal. The Airfit exhausts through a mesh built into the frame and is barely perceptible. I would not happily go back to the FX which shot a stream of cold air at my wife or wherever it was aiming.

RE: Looking for the right frame size with Swift FX - PaulaBunyan - 02-15-2020

I like the idea of minimal gear for comfort, but I was concerned that the AirFit P10 would not stay in place, since I have learned that I have "slippery hair." If anybody out there has fine hair and successfully uses the AirFit P10, I'd love to hear from you. That would encourage me to give it a try.

At present I am using a cotton kerchief over my head to try to reduce slippage with the DreamWear headgear. That helps some, but not enough.

RE: Looking for the right frame size with Swift FX - bonjour - 02-15-2020

For years, anything else you would like to know. My hair is thin and acts like roller bearings at times. and if I slide down the pillow I may have to re-adjust the straps.

RE: Looking for the right frame size with Swift FX - Sleeprider - 02-15-2020

I think the Knightsbridge double chin strap has one of the best headgear setups, even if you don't use the chin strap. I have heard of women using a ponytail through the straps on the P10, and of course, just dividing the straps so the rest on top and behind your head will work fine, with slippery or no hair. It's a challenge, and I'm sure someone on the forum has dealt with it.