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CORONAVIRUS & Sleep [Tracking the COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-14-2020

Interesting informative video regarding the Wuhan COVID-19 "coronavirus" and how sleep may help you stave off these types of virus outbreaks:

Episode 16:
Strengthening Your Immune Response to Viral Infections
Dr. Seheult


This Dr. Seheault is a sleep specialist and is producing a series of videos on the Coronavirus outbreak, here:

The video above is Episode 16 of this series.

As it's starting to look like this could develop into a world-wide pandemic, these videos may provide some help on how you can battle the virus.

I'll post links to the various videos as they are put out.

For reference, here are links to previous episodes:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 15: Underreporting, Prevention, 24 Day Incubation? (COVID19)

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 14: Hospital spread of infection, WHO allowed in China, N-95 masks:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 13: Li Wenliang, nCoV vs Influenza, Dip in Daily Cases, Spread to Canada:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 12: Unsupported Theories, Pneumonia, ACE2 & nCoV:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 11: Antiviral Drugs, Treatment Trials for nCoV (Remdesivir, Chloroquine):

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 10: New Studies, Transmission, Spread from Wuhan, Prevention (2019-nCoV):

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 9: Fecal-Oral Transmission, Recovery vs Death Rate:

- Coronavirus Outbreak Update 8: Travel Ban, Spread Outside of China, Quarantine, & MRSA:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 7: Global Health Emergency Declared, Viral Shedding:

- Coronavirus Outbreak Update 6: Asymptomatic Transmission & Incubation Period:

- Coronavirus Epidemic Update 5: Mortality Rate vs SARS / Influenza:

- Coronavirus outbreak, transmission, and pathophysiology:

- Coronavirus symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment:

- Coronavirus Update 3: Spread, Quarantine, Projections, & Vaccine:

- How Coronavirus Kills: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) & Treatment:

RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-14-2020

Episode 17:
Spike in Confirmed Cases, Fighting Infections with Sleep
Dr. Seheult


RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - slowriter - 02-14-2020

Very interesting!

I can also recommend, for a more general overview of the science of sleep, Matthew Walker's book "Why We Sleep."

RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-14-2020

Episode 18:
Cellphone Tracking, Increase in Hospitalizations, More Sleep Tips
Dr. Seheult


RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SarcasticDave94 - 02-14-2020

I'm sure hoping this doesn't grow to be bigger than it already is. Be safe AB.

RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - crowtor - 02-15-2020

Apparently the mortality skyrockets(heart failure) if you get re-infected, which is another characteristic with this virus. You can get re-infected.

RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-15-2020

(02-15-2020, 12:43 PM)crowtor Wrote: You can get re-infected.

No immunity once infected, sounds like.  Wouldn't that make development of a vaccine rather difficult?

This is a major problem, plus the fact that with this virus, there's no established herd immunity, as there is with the normal strains of influenza A or B that we get each year.  This one's a whole new animal, it seems.


RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-17-2020

This video was created over a month ago when the coronavirus was in it's infancy, but some good advice, nonetheless:

Chinese Coronavirus: What to Know & What to Do
by Dr. Ken Berry

RE: Coronavirus & Sleep [COVID-19, Wuhan Virus] - SuperSleeper - 02-17-2020

Epidsode 19:
Treatment and Medication Clinical Trials
Dr. Seheult