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day one and onwards - kbeast01 - 03-06-2020

hey everyone. this is my first post after my first night of cpap therapy

i was diagnosed with moderate sleep apnea on the 3rd of march. i received my Phillips autocpap yesterday and spent my first night using it.

i found it quite difficult to get to sleep at first as i imagine its something that requires quite an adjustment time. it woke me once during the night but i managed to sleep pretty well after that. 

i uploaded my data to oscar and was wondering if anyone could help me make any more sense of it. i followed the screenshot steps laid out on the forum but the info is all pretty lost on me. i believe prior to treatment i was having 15-25 ahi 

thank you for any help you can give me


RE: day one and onwards - Dormeo - 03-06-2020

Welcome, and congratulations on starting therapy for your sleep apnea! It's good to see such excellent results right out of the gate, and with a full night of use. Well done!

Although I don't have the expertise to advise you about many kinds of changes to your settings, I do recommend that you increase your minimum pressure. Most people find that they feel air-starved at a pressure of 4. I would suggest 6 or 7.

To change your pressure setting, start by doing this: "Press and hold both the control dial and the Ramp button on the device for at least 5 seconds. You are now in Provider Mode. To adjust a setting, rotate the control dial to your desired menu option, then press the control dial to select that setting. Rotate the control dial to change the setting. Press the control dial again to save the change. Select the "Home" icon to exit Provider Mode and return to Patient Mode."

Keep us posted, would you?

RE: day one and onwards - Sleeprider - 03-06-2020

Based on the first night, it looks like you're going to need a minimum pressure of 8.0, and you might want to add some Flex (1 or 2) for comfort. As you can see your pressure increased pretty rapidly, resulting in a median pressure of 8.0 and 95% pressure of 12.5. While your machine was at these higher pressure, you had very few events and respiratory effort related arousals, but getting there was typical for Philips which has a relatively slow response rate compared to other machines. We have consistently found that using a higher minimum pressure near your optimum therapy, results in much better results and comfort with the Philips Dreamstation Auto.

My recommendation is to change your minimum CPAP pressure to 8.0, and you can leave everything else alone. I'm sure this will result in better therapy and less disruptive pressure fluctuations through the night. Good luck!

RE: day one and onwards - Dormeo - 03-06-2020

You're in the very best of hands with Sleeprider, so definitely shoot for a minimum of 8. Try it there, and if it is very bothersome, back down some and sneak up on it by increments from night to night. But I think it's likely you'll do fine with 8 out of the gate.