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Your rec 4 nasal pillow side sleeper (not restless) - Liteheart1 - 03-09-2020

Male 5' 10" 150# average face and nose; medium head circumference; no beard; Side sleeper on left side; low "mask" pressure therapy; not a restless sleeper; seeks suggestion for nasal pillow mask

I realize that a mask is very personal, yet in reading reviews at Supplier #1 I am leaning toward trying Air Fit 30i.

Only been doing this for 3 weeks; only mask given to me in mask fitting appt. was/is RESPIRONICS WISP; my complaints about it:
XL nose piece too tall (vertically) and leaks badly; the L nose piece comes very close under nostrils but more important is that I wake up and toward tip of right side of nose feels slightly bruised which is surprising since I sleep on left side. I have some large leaks in OSCAR data, and while that could improve some from the avg. <1.5% level it is really comfort that has me wanting to experiment with nasal pillow. For WISP I think I have straps dialed in and feel that it is unlikely I could make them looser and still get good seal.

Appeal of AIR FIT 30i aside from being nasal pillow is that air hose attaches from above. With WISP I am not particularly getting tangled in hose, but think top hose placement might feel unconstrained HOWEVER I am fine with any suggestions that have hose attaching at front. Reviews and comments in this forum for Air Fit 30i seem pretty positive which is also encouraging.

Hope it is OK to have started separate thread rather than keeping with my personal history thread. Figured tips/advice on this thread would be helpful to others with the above characteristics. {FYI my recent update on therapy is at http://www.apneaboard.com/forums/Thread-Newly-diagnosed-severe-CSA-OSA-AHI-108-seek-advice?page=6}

In that thread Dormeo suggested INNOMED ALOHA nasal pillow:
The right mask for one person is not necessarily the right mask for someone else, but I'll put in a plug for the Aloha, which is giving me many nights with zero leaks. Its big downside is a vent that doesn't do a good job of diffusing; the P10 is far superior in that respect. The big plus is that it really stays in place despite my need to turn over frequently. It also angles in such a way as to go around, not over, my cheekbones. If you try it, I strongly recommend getting the strap covers that Pad-a-Cheek makes for the Aloha. The ones that come with the mask are not nearly as good.