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Repairing AirSense 10 screen - jstewart - 03-14-2020

tldr: looking to replace broken AirSense 10 screen.

I have a ResMed AirSense 10. About a year ago, it fell off the nightstand, and the screen smashed. Since then, I've been using it daily, but without any access to the settings. The humidifier heating element is stuck on, even though I don't want it on and I never put water in the reservoir. Until installing an SD card and the ResScan software today, I didn't even know what the pressure setting was (and I'm still not entirely sure I trust what it's reporting; ResScan is not great).

I'd like to fix the screen. Does anyone here have detailed AirSense hardware knowledge? Or know where I can find it?

I disassembled the entire CPAP, but the LCD display module has no markings or identifiers at all. I'd hoped to find a component number to order a replacement, but there's nothing at all. It's just a stripped-down LCD display and a ribbon cable attached to the main board. If I could order a replacement, I'm moderately confident that I could fix it myself. I can't find enough information to even search for a replacement part. I might try contacting ResMed for help, but I don't expect to get any.

I'm willing to pay someone else to fix it if I absolutely have to, but it looks like that might cost $400-500. For that price, I'd be more inclined to simply replace the entire machine. It's only about three years old, so I don't think insurance would cover a replacement. My insurance is awful with an enormous deductible, so I'd end up paying the full price out of pocket either way. I really don't want to spend $400-800 when all it really needs is a $10 component.

The biggest reason I haven't had it repaired yet is that I don't know what to do while it's being fixed. Even in a best-case scenario, I'd expect repairs to take over a week, and I can easily imagine it taking multiple weeks. I simply can't survive without it for that long. I might not literally die if I have to go a week without it, but I wouldn't be able to sleep at all. I might buy a travel CPAP to use while waiting for repairs, but now we're talking about even more cost. I just want to fix the thing cheaply.