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What does this mean? - bannarae14.sj - 03-25-2020

I use the dream mapper app for my cpap. I recently just started using this as I am having trouble with my CPAP. I am a lot more tired all of the time and I just dont feel well rested at all.  Sad  My AHI has been going up to 5.9 while using my CPAP. Within the AHI tab, it will show you 1) total clear airway apneas 2) total obstuctive apneas 3) total hypopneas. I do not get a lot of sleep.. I go to bed usually at midnight or after every single night and am up at 5:30 the next morning. On Monday, my AHI was 5.7 (for Sunday night) this was a usage time of 5:15hrs. I had no clear airway apneas, 11 obstructive apneas, and 19 total hypopneas. My mask fit says it was 100% with 8 total disconnects, 0.00 hrs of large leak time and 0.0% of the night in large leak. I have had up to 13 total disconnects in one night before. Last night, my AHI was 4, no airway apneas, 2 obstructive apneas, and 24 total hypopneas. Can someone PLEASE help me understand this?! It is so very frustrating. I keep calling my DME company, but am really not getting anywhere.. Does this mean I need a new sleep study? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!  Huh Huh Huh

RE: What does this mean? - SarcasticDave94 - 03-25-2020

Welcome to Apnea Board,

You're probably going to need to edit the setting of 4 up to 6. Most adults cannot get enough air or therapy on 4. Search the area on the top banner of AB to find the CPAP Setup Manual, fine your exact machine name, and then download/request that manual. It gives details on your machine including how to change settings. Most machines require pushing a Home button and the control knob for about five seconds to enter setup/clinical mode.

Assuming it's compatible with your machine, I'd like you to download OSCAR and post standard screenshots according to the info within my signature. OSCAR has a lot more info than you'd think, all of which will be useful to help you with therapy. There will be more useful info within OSCAR than dreammapper. Dreammapper is on the lines of a cheerleader, and its usefulness is limited. To get the data to OSCAR on your PC or Mac, you would need to have a standard SD or SDHC card of 2-32 GB in whatever brand you can get least expensive in your CPAP before you sleep. A camera and photo shop, WalMart, Best Buy, Staples are good places to consider.

Second, if you have the full detailed, multi-paged sleep study, you should post a redacted of personal info screenshots copy here. This gives us historical background on your therapy needs which helps us form suggestions to help make your therapy the best it can be. Here at AB, we suggest getting your hard copy from your doc even if you don't post it here. It's good practice for self advocacy to have it in your personal history file.

RE: What does this mean? - DeepBreathing - 03-25-2020

Hi Bannarae. Welcome to Apnea Board.

I second Dave's recommendation to use OSCAR - this is software which will give you a far more detailed look at what's going on than DreamMapper. I've put some links at the bottom of this post to help.

I can empathise with the short hours you're getting - it happens to me too. However there are ways to work out exactly what's going on, and come up with a strategy to solve the problem.

As Dave said, please post a copy of your sleep study if you have one (and get hold of a copy if you don't). In addition, let us know the specific model machine you are using - there are a lot of different Dreamstations. Take the humidifier tank out of the machine, then flip the machine over, On the back will be a label with a model number - I expect it will start with "DX". Let us know that number. It would also be good to know what mask you're using.

We need to see the output from Oscar and the other things we've asked for to fully understand your situation. Once we have that, we will be able to make some recommended changes to get things fixed up for you. And no, you don't need another sleep study just yet.

Download Oscar here -> OSCAR

Instructions -> Oscar help

Installation -> How to install Oscar

Organise -> How to organise your Oscar charts