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Reference values - Eibar - 03-25-2020

Good evening, I downloaded the Oscar Software and also imported de SD data from my CPAP to my computer and seeing the results thrown but the problem is to compare the results obtained with the acceptable values, the only value I Know is the AHI must be less or equal to 5.0 to be considered there's not apnea. 

any ones here knows o can tell me where can i get the other acceptable parameters values for: clear airway, flow limitation, RERA, Periodic breathing, etc.

I saw the graphics and undertood the behavior of my theraphy but dont knowmore than the AHI results.

thank you very much

[split] Flow limitation -- something to worry about my values? - Eibar - 03-25-2020

good evening,  I am Having flow limitations over 1 and also RERA index over one, what could be happening? my higest AHI index since june 2019 to date was 3.3


RE: Reference values - Sleeprider - 03-25-2020

Hi Eibar, welcome to Apnea Board. I combined your two posts under this thread because your more specific questions about flow limitation and RERA were in another members therapy thread. It will work better to keep your questions about therapy and the machine in a single thread here for now.

We will be able to help you more effectively if you will download and use the free (gratis) OSCAR software. Instructions for organizing OSCAR Charts and attaching them to your post are in my links below.

A flow limitation event rate of 1 and RERA event rate just over 1, suggest a need for higher minimum pressure, however if we can look at the chart results, we can be much more specific.

RE: Reference values - Eibar - 03-25-2020

Good evening,

Here I am sending a image from the results last night where you can see the values of flow limitation and RERA over 1, also there is a  value of clear airway that is over 2.

I hope this situation  could be analize from you and help me to see if I have to make any change in the configuration of mi CPAP.

best regards and thank you very much.



RE: Reference values - Sleeprider - 03-25-2020

Thanks for the chart. A quick review shows me you need a minimum pressure of 8.0 cm, and you do not need to change the maximum pressure. The Philips Dreamstation auto is slow to respond proactively to events, and the increase in minimum pressure will help prevent many of the RERA and hypopnea, and should help with flow limitation. I think the CA events at the end of the night are mainly sleep disruption, and those occur while the machine is at lower pressure. Flow limitation results from upper airway resistance and can be seen in the flow-rate chart if you zoom in to where the respiratory wave is clearly defined. It is a flattening of the inspiration wave as the airway does not flow the amount of air you are trying to draw in by expanding the chest. Higer pressure will help with this. Give the higher minimum pressure a try, and post back with the results.

RE: Reference values - jaswilliams - 03-26-2020

I agree with Sleeprider additional minimum pressure will be helpful to reduce the Hypopnoeas

RE: Reference values - Eibar - 03-26-2020

Good morning,

Thank you very much Sleeprider for your advice, I Changed the Min pressure to 7.5 mmH2o and as you can see the values of FL and RERA decreased considerably both of then below 1.00 and 0.00 in obstructive. Thanks


There are other parameters like periodic breathing, clear airway, pressure pulse and hypopnea that would like to know which values are the limit as a reference as 1.00 is the top for FL.

best regards my friends


RE: Reference values - OpalRose - 03-26-2020

There is no information as far as "limits" on Clear Airways, Hypopnea, Obstructives.  Obviously, we try to keep those events as low as possible.  The medical community states we are well treated with a total AHI under 5, but most of us know that if we can get our totals lower, we sometimes feel better.

Periodic Breathing, Flow Limitation and Reras aren't added to the total AHI, but certainly can disrupt sleep.

A Pressure Pulse isn't an apnea event, but rather the machine sends pulses to determine whether your airway has collapsed, but there is still an effort to breath (which would be an Obstructive) or whether your airway is open, but there is no effort to breath (which would be a Clear Airway event).

RE: Reference values - Eibar - 03-27-2020

Good morning,

I Was checking at the event window, mainly the reports about the RERA events and I have seen a value closed by a parenthesis, do anyone knows what tha values means?

here I posted the window where we can see those values.


thank you for your comments

RE: Reference values - Sleeprider - 03-27-2020

Eibar, I suspect the CA events will attenuate soon. What is your current Flex setting? This can affect some of the results you are seeing. Also, you might as well know that many people who have results like you have in your graphs do considerably better with the Resmed Airsense 10 Autoset vs the Philips Respironics Dreamstation Auto. If you are new to therapy and your DME is willing to swap machines, I can assure you would have less than half the events based on what we have seen from other members. The delivery of pressure is much different on the Resmed.

Post your Flex settings, and consider using 8.0 cm minimum pressure.