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Ripping Mask off at night, not remembering - help - swampbastard99 - 03-25-2020

Hi, I am about 5 months in to using a cpap. I keep ripping my mask off at night, it is rare I wake up in the morning with the mask on. My doctor has told me to 'set up a camera and film myself' - I figured it would be more helpful to post some images here and see if I could get any advice. I tape my mouth, I have tried a cervical collar but I tear that off so I stopped using it. I dont find my mask inherently uncomfortable, Its fine and I fall asleep with it fine. 

I am posting a few days in the past week where I didnt make it through the night with the mask. Let me know if I did it correctly or if you want any more information. I am trying to learn how to read the Data on OSCAR but still a Noob and its quite confusing. 

I appreciate the help, this forum is great, my doctor wants me to pay a grand and do a sleep study every time I want to change my pressure, this forum is a lifesaver. 

My pressure is 8.6 


RE: Ripping Mask off at night, not remembering - help - DeepBreathing - 03-26-2020

G'day SB. Looking at your charts, it's obvious that every mask-off is preceded by a period of large leaks. I think you're breathing through the mouth, which is dispelling your pressure and likely disturbing your sleep. Possibly also your partner's as mouth leaks can be quite noisy. (Ask him/her if you're making strange sounds).

So you need to get the leaks under control. Some of the options include:
  • Soft cervical collar - doesn't work for you
  • The tongue trick
  • Chin strap
  • Taping the lips
  • Use a full face mask.

You can read some more on these techniques here: http://www.apneaboard.com/wiki/index.php/Mask_Primer#Mouth_Breathing

RE: Ripping Mask off at night, not remembering - help - Dormeo - 03-26-2020

I was struck by the same thing that db notes. But I see you say you tape your mouth. Is the tape still in place when you wake up? My suspicion is that it is coming loose, at least in places. The large leaks have the look of mouth leaks (plateau with some jagged stuff at the top), as opposed to your little spiky mask leaks.

RE: Ripping Mask off at night, not remembering - help - mesenteria - 03-26-2020

All good and useful observations just above.  The chances are that you are experiencing partial arousals, and it looks like those are preceded by leakage.  Leaks can take place around the rim of the mask where it meets the facial contours and where it is designed to form and to maintain a seal.  Some have resorted to using soft foam or cloth covers designed for the rims of their particular masks to ward of both sores and leaks...for comfort as well. 

Mask leaks can come from either displacement or deformation (we'll leave off discussing whether the mask is a good fit at all to begin with).  If you sleep on your side a lot, it can be displaced and deformed, not just one or the other.  If you sleep on your back, slight head tilts or falls to the side as you fall asleep can cause the headgear to slide to one side, usually the same side, and you will experience leaks.

Mouth breathing if using a nasal mask will also result in major leaks, but I don't know how people sleep through them, and they certainly do.  They complain of dry mouth, for one thing.

It is during partial arousals that you rip off your mask and collar.  They are apparent impediments, just as tangled covers will be around one's arms or neck.