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New User - Still feel crappy - funguy43 - 05-03-2020


I got my CPAP recently and have been using it for the past five nights, but i feel no improvement. I have mild sleep apnea -  The prescription pressure was 6, which i slept with the first two nights. Night three I moved it up to 7, which I slept with for a night - and then the next night i kept it at 7 but I also slept with a backpack on so i stayed on my side. I had the backpack on the 5th night (last night), but increased the pressure to 8. I haven't had any issue falling asleep or being uncomfortable - Im fine wearing the mask and breathing with the pressure, its just i feel no different from before getting the cpap. I have attached the oscar screenshots from the last 3 nights. All help is appreciated.


RE: New User - Still feel crappy - SarcasticDave94 - 05-03-2020

Welcome to Apnea Board. I have no way of knowing how long you had apnea in your past before being diagnosed. I will say it was likely measured in years. So you've had this apnea unchecked, as I'm speculating, for years. Unfortunately, CPAPs do not undo years of damage in days. You have to get accustomed to the CPAP, and make a few adjustments to optimize this therapy.

As I viewed your charts, I saw that in screenshot 2 and 3, you're progressively getting more clustered events. Typically, when this is seen, we suggest considering a soft cervical collar. I should have a wiki of Apnea Board about the collar linked to my signature. This is caused by positional apnea where your chin tucks towards your throat and adds restriction. It could be that your head slides a bit on the pillow and rolls forward if you're side sleeping. For back sleeping, it may be that too think of pillows are being used, again causing your chin to point to your chest. Try pushing your chin to your chest, see if it adds a breathing restriction, and I think you will notice you do.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - Dormeo - 05-03-2020

Welcome! I'd like to add a few thoughts to Dave's excellent feedback.

First, you're off to a very good start, with full-night usage and all the resources that Oscar and this board can offer -- plus an readiness to tackle problems and experiment.

Second, I wonder whether you might want to experiment with using a pressure range instead of fixed pressure. Just to start, perhaps a range of 8 min to 10 max? This would allow the machine to do better at reaching the pressure you need to prevent obstructive events. And the data from that experiment could be helpful in making additional changes to your settings.

One change at a time, but a later possibility would be to increase flex to 2. That might give you a little more help with the hypopneas.

Keep us posted, would you?

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - funguy43 - 05-03-2020

I tried the chin tuck test - i felt some resistance. I have an mild/moderate overbite caused by an underdeveloped jaw, which i thought was related in some way, so this makes sense. I just bought a scc and will be trying it tonight. Thanks!

A pressure range sounds good, but i dont know how to do that with my dreamstation. I think my machine is cpap, not apap, so is this possible? Thanks.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - SarcasticDave94 - 05-03-2020

You're welcome. Can you give us an ID of your exact DreamStation model number? It should be on a sticker on the back or bottom of the unit. Obvious, don't turn it over without taking the water tub off first. We're looking for a DSX and numbers, this tells us if you have straight CPAP or an APAP. Either way, I think you should have a Flex setting that can vary the exhale pressure On or Off then 1-3. I have heard feedback 1 and 2 may be useful, but that 3 may be less than ideal. We can touch on specifics after the ID of your CPAP.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - funguy43 - 05-03-2020

I don’t see a ‘dsx’ with a number, but it does say DreamStnCPAPProHumCell CAN 
Does this help? I assume that means it’s just CPAP.
Also yes, I do have options for flex. There are a couple different modes and a couple different levels. I’ve had it set to C-Flex 1.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - Melman - 05-03-2020

Your machine is a single pressure CPAP with no APAP capability.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - SarcasticDave94 - 05-03-2020

Sorry I forgot you're in Canada.

I think that'll be a DreamStation Pro CPAP, a humidifier, and standard tubing.

I've never used any Flex. I don't think the BiPAP I had for 1 month had it. Let's see if good advice crops up with use on the C-Flex. You could try setting it to 2 and see if that results in more comfortable therapy. Certainly change it back if the results aren't good.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - Dormeo - 05-03-2020

Funguy, your choice as to your first experiment:

* raise flex from 1 to 2, or

* raise pressure from 7 to 8.

If you're like me -- full disclosure here -- you'll do both, but it's really better not to.

RE: New User - Still feel crappy - funguy43 - 05-03-2020

Ok so I'll try the C-Flex on 2. I have a scc now as well, so hopefully that will also help. I think I'm gonna sleep on my back w/ no backpack today? I think it might be the easiest to wear the collar like that.