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Mask Recommendation - FijiFarmer - 06-28-2020

I'm currently using a ResMed Air Touch F20 Cushion mask but it's leaking air - I've also used the F20 Air Fit with the same results.

I need a mask that doesn't leak without being painfully tight @ 20cm inspiratory pressure. Any suggestions?

RE: Mask Recommendation - Melman - 06-28-2020

Unfortunately what works well for some does not work for others. If it weren't for what you posted I would have suggested the airfit F20 which works well for me. I rarely have leaks. Have you read the mask primer? It may help you. See the link below.

RE: Mask Recommendation - Big Guy - 06-28-2020

I started out with the AirFit F20. For me, it works well.

I now alternate back & forth between that and the AirFit F30. Of the two, the F30 is my favorite.

RE: Mask Recommendation - bonjour - 06-28-2020

Nasal mask, ResMed Mirage Activa.

RE: Mask Recommendation - SarcasticDave94 - 06-28-2020

FWIW any given mask that fits very well can handle pressures to 25 cmH2O or more. My F20 can work with my ASV at 25. Now, to the point bonjour is alluding to, nasal masks take less real estate and that means less areas to leak. The Activa has a bellows seal that offers lots of mask movement without breaking the seal.

RE: Mask Recommendation - FijiFarmer - 06-28-2020


Thank you for your assistance - great manual on mask fit. I will continue and - as you know: Anything is Possible.

Question: I would like others with my particular heart condition to know about my success resolving apnea induced heart arrhythmia. The solution: maintain stable and adequate tidal volume. The only machine I have found that has the software to achieve this desire is the iVAPS in the ResMed AirCurve 10 ST-A machine.

If there is a forum for such information on the Air Board, I will write up a report using the boards format.