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Periodic Breathing - Veteran34 - 08-11-2020

Hi friends, 

I was given CPAP back in 2012. I never really used it. I dug it out and started using it recently. I wanted to start using it again because I quit smoking. I have many PVCS throughout the day. And I’m trying to clean my life style up. I also want to lose weight. I never sleep well. I always feel tired and depressed and anxious and no energy. 

When I was given the cpap by the doctor he set the pressure level to 6 back in 2012. Since I started using it again I have played around with the settings and went to 6.5 and 7 with CFLEX 3.

I have been using the cpap for about a week now. These are the current stats on the machine from last night. 

Therapy hours 1 day: 6:54 //
Large leak: 0 percent //
Ahi 1 day: 4.6 //
Ahi 7 day: 3.4 //
Periodic breathing 1 day: 1 percent //
Periodic breathing 7 day: 0 percent //
90 percent pressure: 1 day 8.5 //
90 percent pressure: 7 day 8.6 //

My question is, are these good results? Also, the periodic breathing from last night says 1 percent. I did some research regarding periodic breathing and it has me slightly concerned. Should I schedule an appointment with the doctor about the 1 percent periodic breathing?

RE: Periodic Breathing - Sleeprider - 08-11-2020

OSCAR software is free and can use the data from the SD card in your machine to provide information that is richer and more useful than anything you can transcribe. We can learn what kind of events you experience how they occur throughout the night and relationstto pressure. We can see your tidal volume respiration rate and minute vent and much more.

It sounds like you have a Philips System One auto CPAP and based on your AHI you need higher pressure. We van help more if you will download and install OSCAR on a computable use the tutorials linked in my signature to organize and attach some charts. The periodic breathing is only a variation in flow rate and nothing to worry about with your results. I would back off Cflex to 2.

RE: Periodic Breathing - SideSleeper - 08-11-2020

Phillips machines seem to me to be over-reactive on their PB statistics. True there is a waxing/waning flow usually, but it is far from becoming a Chayne Stokes flow which actually shows no breaths then a CA then back to the more oval shaped flow. I learned, on this forum I think, that CFlex is used when you are on straight CPAP mode (only one pressure figure) and AFlex is used for the APAP mode.

RE: Periodic Breathing - bonjour - 08-11-2020

If you are using the heated hose dryness at the connection is more important, something about mixing electricity and water.