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When to Disconnect - marbles - 08-16-2020

I usually go to bed around 10:00 - 10:30 and fall asleep quickly. Usually sleep through until around 2:30 - 3:00 and then awake for a bathroom break. I fall back asleep until around 5:00 then mostly toss and turn until I finally get up between 6:30 - 7:00. My question is when I awake the second time around 5:00 should I just stop treatment and take the mask off?  Am I receiving any benefit from trying to continue treatment until I finally get out of bed at 7:00?
   Thank you

RE: When to Disconnect - Big Guy - 08-16-2020

If I got up that early, I'd have to take a nap in the afternoon.  Oh-jeez

RE: When to Disconnect - mesenteria - 08-16-2020

You are getting some rest, or continuing to relax and perhaps problem-solve, but you're not going to continue the therapy....much.  It would be different if you fall asleep for half an hour every other time you 'lie in', but if you're consistently awake and have things running through your mind (I do), it will be no different from reading with the device on and our mask in place.

This is just me, but I am a night owl and am seldom asleep much before 0130.  However, I am awake by about 0640-0720.  The odd time I'll drift off and snatch another 40 minutes, but it is a 15% probability.  I'm better off up with the wife, who has gotten up with the dog an hour hence, and join her for a cuppa and the morning news.  If I need a nap, I won't know unless we're watching TV just after lunch.  If we're doing something, I do not get sleepy and don't need the nap.  But what I wanted to say is that after a week of the same pattern, I take one 5mg melatonin tablet at bedtime and almost always get 7.5 hrs or better.  If I take the pill on successive nights, I never get the same benefit as on the first.  So, I maintain the chemical's potency by using it about once a week to catch up.