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Ohio is lost. - bonjour - 08-19-2020

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RE: Ohio is lost. - Zomp - 08-19-2020

Goodyear decided playing politics & forcing Marxist, anti-family, racist anti-white, pro-BLM, propagandized "diversity" BS down the throats of employees & customers should take preeminence over selling tires.  If corporations force their political views upon people, no matter what side they're on, they need to be prepared when some of their customers decide to take their business elsewhere.

Sad for Ohio, yes.  I worked for Goodyear (corporate) back when Goodyear was a good company producing a good product without all the Social Justice Warrior nonsense attached to it.  Now they've gone down the communistic pro-BLM rabbit hole.

A large segment of Goodyear's customer base consists of regular Americans who despise all the LGBTQ/BLM/Antifa crap that the mainstream media, & now corporate America, is shoving down our throats.   They're demanding employees who hold to different views accept all that crap also, otherwise they get fired.

If these corporate clowns keep pushing this constant barrage of communist propaganda & insisting everyone line up with the radical leftist agenda, it will lead to a war between those who hold American & family values dear & the radical LGBTQ-BLM-communist coalition.

This is the way communists operate.  I've traveled the world for work & I've seen this behavior destroy countries.

Goodyear execs can have their own opinions politically, but when they start demanding employees all march in lockstep with allegiance to leftist ideals, then that's where many Americans draw the line.  Demonizing white, family values Americans is the real, modern Nazism, but this time, we're the new Jews.

2020 isn't going to end well, thanks to these communists.  They brought it on themselves, so they must accept the consequences.  A minor little boycott is nothing compared to what's coming.

RE: Ohio is lost. - Sleeprider - 08-19-2020

Goodyear corporate is busy backpedaling on this policy. What Trump did was turn "cancel culture" on its ears. If MAGA and conservative values are assaulted by corporations, they will get conservative cancelled. About time corporations quit playing politics, and that is the message.

RE: Ohio is lost. - mrmagloo - 08-19-2020

I'm afraid I have to agree to some extend to Zomp - not with the Communist, Demon, Nazi stuff, but I'd agree Goodyear is not the same company me and my family has been loyal to for generations.

Any employer who wants to dictate and discriminate against their employees constitutional rights, needs some serious push back. I've heard of a few other weird leanings from Goodyear in the recent past that raised eyebrows, but this is going overboard. They should be confronted and perhaps even sued. Stuff like this should not be tolerated.

RE: Ohio is lost. - srlevine1 - 08-19-2020

Goodyear doesn't make it into the top ten ...

Ohio’s top 10 employers for 2019 are:

1. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, 50,825.
2. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., 49,330.
3. Kroger Co., 45,340.
4. Ohio State University and Medical Center, 34,470.
5. Bon Secours Mercy Health Inc., 31,500.
6. (tie) University Hospitals Health System Inc. and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, 28,000.
8. OhioHealth, 26,600.
9. ProMedica Health System, 22,500.
10. JPMorgan Chase & Co., 21,000.

To change the 2016 vote, you would need 450,000 votes. Not enough Goodyear employees, vendors, and local business owners, and there are other tire companies in Ohio, like Firestone. 

This is a transient event and will go away. The temporary stock market reaction is more of an indicator of investor sentiment. 

RE: Ohio is lost. - SarcasticDave94 - 08-19-2020

I'm in agreement with President Trump in standing up to actions such as what Goodyear is force feeding the employees. Almost all major sports teams have taken on liberal/socialist political agendas as well as lots of these large corporate entities. Hollywood, TV, and the music industries are taking on some sort of far liberal political stance.

This stand against Goodyear does not change my mind on the upcoming election. I will vote Trump. No way ever will Biden/Harris get even a slight consideration from me. Not one liberal with political aspirations is worthy of my vote or attention. We wonder where America's enemies are, well here they are, the liberal socialists.

Then again, "One Nation Under God" has expired some time ago, probably 30 years ago if not longer. America has no moral compass anymore and as I've said in the past, we are not a Christian nation. I know of a small handful of congregations in the US that really live the way God designed as in free from sin upon salvation. We as a whole are a religious nation, but unless you live free from sin after repentance, you got religion not salvation. It grieves me to think how far this country has fallen, and to think of the ruined country my 2 nephews get to live in is really a sad thought.

RE: Ohio is lost. - bonjour - 08-19-2020

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This thread is getting far, far too political for me.  IMHO it should be deleted.

RE: Ohio is lost. - srlevine1 - 08-19-2020

(08-19-2020, 08:50 PM)bonjour Wrote: This thread is getting far, far too political for me.  IMHO it should be deleted.

Second Fred's suggestion.

RE: Ohio is lost. - SuperSleeper - 08-19-2020

Public Service Announcement:

Heated political discussion is allowed here in the Off-Topic Forum.  Please read this sticky thread, which explains this:


We generally don't close threads because of disagreements on politics.  We ask that people be civil and don't personally attack another forum member, but firmly-held political opinions are bound to get heated at times.

My only suggestion is that if you don't like someone expressing a political opinion contrary to your own, simply don't read the Off-Topic Forum, or ignore what is being said in a thread like this.

If someone violates a forum rule here, that will be dealt with privately by our forum staff.  But so far in this thread, all we have is a bunch of strong political opinions being expressed, which is completely allowable within this Off-Topic Forum.

This Off-Topic forum is sort of our "release valve" to keep heated political discussions out of the Main Forum, while still allowing a degree of freedom to discuss issues and reply without fearing that our opinions will simply get wiped out by a Moderator.

Thanks for listening.

RE: Ohio is lost. - bonjour - 08-19-2020

I had no intention of starting the heat that has ensued. see all on the otherside.