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First night of data and seeking help - EmaNTD - 09-09-2020

Hi guys,

I've been using my S10 Autoset for 4 nights, and I have data from last night.  I've been able to adapt quickly, but I don't feel any different.  I'm praying this changes over the coming months.  I was hoping for some dreams at least, but this hasn't come yet.  Can anyone help interpret these findings or make any suggestions?

Thank you!

RE: First night of data and seeking help - Melman - 09-09-2020

Your AHI is still a little too high. Since half your events are clear airway you may have central as well as obstructive apnea. What were the results of your sleep study? If you have a copy of the report please post it with your personal information crossed out. I suggest you turn off EPR as it tends to make central apnea worse. Please post additional OSCAR data after you make the change.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - EmaNTD - 09-09-2020

This is a copy of my home sleep study.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - Gideon - 09-09-2020

I would try Min Pressure = 8 (improve OAI)
Max Pressure - no change
EPR = 1 (a reduction to see if your central apnea reduces)

RE: First night of data and seeking help - Melman - 09-09-2020

I agree with Bonjour. I should have noted the minimum pressure.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - SarcasticDave94 - 09-09-2020

Agreement with the others. Given the study results, CA here is probably treatment emergent. You should see these drop a little to a lot with lower EPR as suggested already. And the CA should diminish as your body gets used to PAP therapy, and probably will drop out of the picture at or before 3 months use. So you have vanilla apnea. Best to your therapy successes.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - EmaNTD - 09-12-2020

Thank you guys for the suggestion to drop the EPR.  It seems to have lowered my AHI.  The first night I did it was on 9/9/20 and my AHI improved.  It was worse the next night, but I just started using the P10 that night, and I was having a hard time with it.

I possibly feel slightly better in terms of energy, but I'm unsure yet.  The two things I have noticed is that I'm having more dreams, or ones that I can remember, and, I actually feel like I can sleep longer.  Does this sound normal?

Any suggestions to improve my statistics are always greatly appreciated.  This forum is amazing, and I will be donating and encourage everyone else to donate anything you can if you benefit from these great folks.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - EmaNTD - 09-12-2020

Donated!  Thank you again.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - Dormeo - 09-12-2020

I would say you're doing well, and your general attitude will serve you well as you move forward: a readiness to take charge of your treatment and to experiment to find what works for you.

For most of us, improvement comes over time, not immediately, so patience will be your friend. It's good to hear you're dreaming; although we dream in all sleep stages, I'd guess you're having some good REM sleep, which is going to help you function better during the day.

It's also good you can sleep longer; this shows you're adapting to the new experience of sleeping with mask and pressure. In the weeks ahead, you'll want to aim for a regular sleep schedule: going to bed at roughly the same time every night, and getting up at roughly the same time every morning.

You're getting good help on your settings from experts here. It may be that in the future, they will recommend increasing your minimum pressure to clean up the OAs and hypopneas and then re-introducing more EPR to help with your flow limitations and your comfort. It's good to wait for at least a few days after making any change to see how it settles in, and it's good to make only one change at a time so you can tell better whether a particular change is working for you or not.

About the P10 -- do you have all three sizes of pillows? If so, experiment with all of them to see whether you have the best possible fit. The widest part of the pillows should rest on the outside of your nostrils, so you want a large enough size for that; then again you also want a small enough size so that you don't have leaks around the edges of the pillows.

It looks as though you may be having mouth leaks. Does that seem possible? If so, we can give you some advice for dealing with them.

RE: First night of data and seeking help - EmaNTD - 09-12-2020

Thank you for the detailed reply.

I am guilty of not practicing good sleep hygiene and a set sleep schedule.  I tend to stare at my phone until I fall asleep, which I know can't be good.  Do you guys have any other recommendations for more healthy alternatives to wind the mind down and fall asleep?

I have not tried different pillows, but I will follow your recommendation.  I use the medium size and it does irritate the underside of my nose a tiny bit.

As for the mouth breathing, I am shocked that my wife says I don't mouth breathe while I'm sleeping because she says I would snore loudly through my mouth.  Her and I can't say for certain that I don't mouth breathe though.  Is there any way to tell from the data or is there another reliable method?

She also says that I move around a lot less.  This is interesting because I took two sleep studies, one 20 years ago and the other 12 years ago, that showed I only had mild sleep apnea and severe PLMD.  I was given medications that I couldn't seem to tolerate for PLMD, but never given the option for a CPAP device.  I now wonder if it was sleep apnea cause the movement symptoms.  I do occasionally get restless legs as I'm starting to fall asleep though so who knows.  I mentioned it to my provider, but she didn't seem to be concerned about it.  She does seem knowledgeable and caring though so I will bring it up with her again.