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need advice - SleeplessSL - 09-14-2020

Hello all. I'm new to this forum and need some advice. I started using a CPAP about a year ago when I discovered I had severe obstructive apnea. The event numbers remained high and they kept increasing the pressure so I had trouble with mask leaking. They had me do another study and then switched to a BIPAP. It was better, but I was still having quite a few events. and having trouble with leaking. I tried a chin strap. Hurt my jaw and did not resolve the leaks. Researching myself I discovered that some people use a soft cervical collar. Dr. said never heard of that. It changed things dramatically. When I use that I often have event numbers lower than 2 and sometimes less than 1! I just saw the sleep dr. for a follow up and, like the last time, says my numbers are good. Events under 5 and leaking under 20. BUT, even though the AVERAGE may be good. I notice a huge difference on those days that the event numbers are over 2. I do not feel like I have slept. I wake up shaky, have brain fog all day, etc. The cervical collar is hot and uncomfortable. I sometimes wake up because of that. Last night I woke up with pain in my neck and shoulder (still have) that I think is from that. If I don't wear the collar I have event numbers around 8 and feel really bad. I asked the Dr. for advice but they only care about the average number and not about how the person feels or quality of sleep they are getting or what they have to do to get the low event numbers. I told them I didn't think this was right and asked them to send me all the data so I could take matters into my own hands. And here I am. Anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

RE: need advice - slowriter - 09-14-2020

So generally a cervical collar helps, but you have some discomfort with this one? Have you tried others?

RE: need advice - SleeplessSL - 09-14-2020

I have looked and looked and I can't find anything that looks like it would work any better. They all look hot.

RE: need advice - staceyburke - 09-14-2020

To get any real help on this site you need to show your data. We use OSCAR and it is totally free and so is the advice. You need to download OSCAR from the top of this site put in your card from your bipap and use the f12 button for a screenshot which you will put in your message. Then people on this site can and will help you.

RE: need advice - SleeplessSL - 09-14-2020

Thanks. I'll try it.

RE: need advice - Nightynite - 09-14-2020

I agree with you, they are hot and uncomfortable. I made one that’s a little smaller and works for me. I used pipe insulation from Lowe’s, covered it with material, I used shoelace with a cord lock ran down the center. It’s adjustable with the cord lock and cooler because it’s smaller. Cut it to the length you want.

Just get it up under your chin and snug it up.