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Dreamstation A-CPAP first impressions - kenmbz - 10-12-2020

Hi all,
Just upgraded to a Dreamstation A-CPAP from a 460 (series one 60) and started with 8/20 for pressure. Came up first night with 90% at 9.5 which is what I had my S60 set to, so nice that it hasn't changed since last year.
I was thinking of setting it at 9/15 since I felt a little difficulty getting air at 8.

I was also wondering if people had tried Cflex+ vs. Aflex and what the difference is.
With Aflex, the inhale/exhale difference was very noticeable, but it seemed to be a bit noisy when changing.

Will try Clex+ tonight.  I am using the base + muffler and will also next week when I have settled in a bit more to this machine , see how it sounds without the muffler.

So far I like the machine, easy breathing and a light bit quieter than my S60, The S60 was getting old and I was feeling a bit more tired in the morning, AHI was going up. Went down again with the DS. I guess 6+ years is just too much to expect from one of these devices.

I bought from vendor 2 , like I did for my S60, very happy with them and their product.

RE: Dreamstation A-CPAP first impressions - sawinglogz - 10-12-2020

C-Flex+ and A-Flex are identical. One's the name they use during auto-titration, the other is what they use during fixed pressure. These are both distinct from the original C-Flex (no plus), which had a different pressure profile.

RE: Dreamstation A-CPAP first impressions - kenmbz - 10-12-2020

Thanks, I guess Marketing teams are great at adding "features" to the menus :-)