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AirSense 10 repair - rlowe44 - 10-16-2020

I have an Air Sense 10 Autoset that I've had for about 3 1/2 years. The machine no longer heats my tubing, and it is damaging my SD cards, making use of OSCAR impossible. I'm not eligible for a new machine for over a year more. Are there any reliable repair places? I'm in Oregon. I suspect it's electronic failure, but can't be sure.

RE: AirSense 10 repair - staceyburke - 10-16-2020

I'm sorry your having problems with your machine.  I do not know of a repair shop, I would think your supplier would be the place to call and inquire.  Another way would be to buy a used one.  Supplier #2 has some very good prices on used machines with a warranty.  I bought one with 1 months use - great machine.  Price for a used Resmed S10 Autoset is 389 and new open box 539.  They come with new hoses (both regular and heated, humidifier, power, carry case... everything except a mask.

Then in a couple of years (its 5 years old) keep the one that does not work and get the insurance to get a new one. you would have a backup if anything happens to either one.

RE: AirSense 10 repair - OpalRose - 10-16-2020

You can try Supplier #27 or Supplier #28. At least call them for an estimate.

RE: AirSense 10 repair - staceyburke - 10-16-2020

I had another thought I want to share.  When I wanted a new machine I asked my supplier to get a new one.  It was 5 years and 7 months old.  I was told if my machine was working I had to wait for 7 years but if it was not working and FIXABLE I STILL could not get a new machine.  So if you get your machine fixed and in a year and a half you try to get a new one you may not be able to.  I'm sure it depends on your supplier but they told me it was medicare that had the restriction.  So again, I bought used and in another year 1/2 I will try to get another through insurance to I will have a backup also.

RE: AirSense 10 repair - SideSleeper - 10-16-2020

Medicare is 5 years. I just got a new machine with NO problems--my sleep doc (a good guy) approved the Resmed For Her I asked for and no problems with a new DME (Norco) or getting it approved by Medicare.

RE: AirSense 10 repair - rlowe44 - 10-17-2020

Thank you all for the quick replies. A used machine sounds like the perfect solution. I'll check with all three suppliers mentioned.