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sleep study results - Rich66 - 10-16-2020

Hopefully, attached, (this is my third effort) is a copy of the most recent sleep study.  Most of the writing is from the doctors office, I wrote the comment about wires and the sleeping pill. I'm waiting for a phone call to get a new machine from a new DME. Can you see any issues or questions I should raise. This is my 5th sleep study. Thank you for your time.

RE: sleep study results - staceyburke - 10-16-2020

I will let others give suggestions on your sleep study. I would like to comment on the machine. Do NOT accept the Phillips dreamstation is is a MUCH poorer machine than the Aircurve s10 VAUTO. 

The dreamstation is a lower cost so they will probably give you that brand. Do not accept it. Both machines are covered by your insurance and YOU HAVE A CHOICE!

RE: sleep study results - SarcasticDave94 - 10-16-2020

This has only 1 page of charts and notes written on the page. There should have been several pages of charts and tables of data and an area for written assessment. This one page is likely part of a detailed report.

If you are about to get a new PAP machine, I suggest you consider stating you want a ResMed.

RE: sleep study results - Rich66 - 10-16-2020

Thanks for the replies. I had a feeling that report was missing a few pages, but it's what the doctor gave me. It seems to show one Apnea, and lots of Hypopneas. I have been using the SD card and Oscar, but I don't see a lot of use to upload a lot right now since the goal is to get a new machine. I've been told that the Resmed AirCurve 10 ASV is the machine I should get -- since I have Complex Sleep Apnea. Apparently, the old DME only recommends Phillips Repironics, but the new DME I'm supposed to switch to has Phillips and Resmed, among others. So, should it be the AirCurve 10 ASV or the Vauto? Thanks

RE: sleep study results - staceyburke - 10-16-2020

No the VAUTO is the best bi level but will not treat centrals. The ResMed asv does and would be the best if centrals are the problem.

RE: sleep study results - jaswilliams - 10-16-2020

In your sleep study I do not see CA's listed I also see mention of PLM so not sure you will get a prescription for an ASV although your on one now. You may be back at the begining...!!!! If the machine you get issued is not an ASV reject it and go back to your sleep specialist

RE: sleep study results - SarcasticDave94 - 10-16-2020

OK if you've had an ASV in the past, not too many go back down to VAuto or others. Make certain then it is a ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV. This is the best for complex apnea. Do not sign a DME paper if it is not this ASV. And never give bank, credit or debit card info to the DME, they do not need it to process.

Edit...this should have mentioned you were told you're getting ASV due to Complex Apnea.

RE: sleep study results - kappa - 10-16-2020

There seems to be only one apnea event here, and it seems to be during a wake period? Lots of hypopneas and significant O2 desaturations though, mostly during REM. Some sort of REM sleep behavior disorder?

Do you also have Restless leg syndrome? It may be worth trying to improve your PLM, for example by checking and improving Iron/Ferritin levels, or looking in to other treatments.

RE: sleep study results - Rich66 - 10-16-2020

I take Ambien to put me to sleep at night. That started about 2 years after I started using BiPap therapy. Maybe that is the reason for the Hypopneas. My Oscar report shows more hypopneas than anything else (but I'm not familiar on how to interpret it). As for the PLMD (Periodic Leg Movement Disorder), out of 5 studies, only two of them was it mentioned about the leg movements -- this one, on Ambien, and a previous one, before Ambien. I don't know if Ambien throws any issues into my sleeping, but I'd like to get off of it. And both legs have had a medical procedure done to them -- "vein ablation" I think it's called. I don't know if that's the reason for the movement.
Thank you everyone for the help. I think my best bet now is just to wait until the new DME calls, assuming they get the ok from Medicare to pay for the machine. I've had the Respironics machine for 2.5 years now, but I still don't sleep all night, AND I have to take an opioid drug, Ambien, to get to sleep at night. I'm doing better though than before I started BiPap therapy -- before, I was badly sleep deprived. At least now, I'm a functioning adult most of the time.

RE: sleep study results - SarcasticDave94 - 10-17-2020

I just took a sleep study with Ambien last eve. OK we need you to get the full sleep study doc has on file. HIPAA says you are allowed to get this. So no baloney doc, gimme the report. Even so, if they said ASV for Complex Apnea, this is the answer. You want the ResMed AirCurve 10 ASV. That is the only tool for you. I know Respironics has an SV Auto, and ResMed S9 ASV is still available, but I say the ResMed 10 ASV is best of the bunch. That was what I was on for CA until my COPD started acting worse, interrupting near perfect control of all things apnea on the ASV 10.

BTW it doesn't matter much what settings they configure it, we can help edit them instantly to mimic ResMed titration or a modified version thereof as necessary. Just accept only this ASV, do not sign for anything less, and no bank, credit or debit card info need ever to be given the DME.