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Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - PerChancetoDream - 10-26-2020

I am wondering if a fancy memory foam pillow is worth the $60.  It looks so nice, but holy cow, that is a lot for a pillow.  I am trying to improve my rest.  ***See note re:no OSCAR here

Does anyone use a specific pillow?  Thanks in advance. 

(***Side Notes...for those who will understand...I FINALLY got to an appointment with a sleep doctor who sat with me and asked loads of questions, and I am SO SO happy! I had started using Breathe Right nasal strips to keep my mask on longer, and that was helping a decent amount.  He started me on prescription strength Flonase (OMG, had always tried over the counter,  which never helped my chronic sinus issues one bit) and that is really helping. I found my SD card in my CPAP thanks to y'all and now my laptop isn't working, so I hope to fix or replace and then be able to get OSCAR up.)

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - Karlin - 10-26-2020

Regarding the expensive pillow, I find that making PAP therapy work is a matter of trial and error to find out what works for you. It can take time and be very frustrating, but if you can make it work it will change your life (in a good way)! It's great that you found that nasal strips help. They help me, too, when my allergies are acting up. So, maybe the pillow will help you. Who knows?

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - Sleeprider - 10-27-2020

Contoured memory foam pillows can actually cause increased events if the alignment of the cervical spine is not correct. I think you will members here use a wide variety of pillows and materials ranging from everyday cheap pillows to specialty buckwheat husk filled pillows and CPAP contoured pillows. I use a high-end down pillow that costs more than your memory foam, and several members have even review the My Pillow with good results. The answer by Karlin is good advise. Use what works best for you and promotes comfort and good sleep. Avoid anything that causes chin-tucking which will obstruct your airway. Multiple pillows or tall firm pillows should be avoided.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - Karlin - 10-27-2020

I agree with Sleeprider that you should avoid a pillow that lifts your head up much. Personally, I use a buckwheat hull pillow.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - srlevine1 - 10-27-2020

(10-27-2020, 10:42 AM)Karlin Wrote: I agree with Sleeprider that you should avoid a pillow that lifts your head up much. Personally, I use a buckwheat hull pillow.

I, too, use a $35 buckwheat pillow from Amazon (Daiwa Felicity 100% Natural Premium Buckwheat Sobakawa Pillow with Pillow Protective Cover) which works great for me. You can even open a seam, discard or add a portion of easily available buckwheat hulls, and re-sew the seam if the pillow needs adjustment. While it lacks memory and must be adjusted each night like conventional pillows, it does seem to be cooler on hot nights. 

I had to add a hose-hanger to my set-up to keep the hose from being pinched between the pillow and the headboard.

I tried a number of pillows and it is a crap-shoot to select one that works for you.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - sheepless - 10-27-2020

I gave up my too tall and stiff foam contoured pillow for a buckwheat one. wouldn't be my first choice absent cpap, but buckwheat is highly conformable eliminating many problems with the mask and I've adapted to it just fine. as others have said though, what's best is whatever works for you and that takes some trial and error (just like everything else related to cpap).

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - Big Guy - 10-27-2020

My wife has a "My Pillow" pillow and she likes it. Me? I'm pretty much good with whatever I get my hands on. We have several, and I don't think any of them are expensive. 

The one I use is nothing more than shredded up foam bits and pieces. It's several years old to boot. I tend to like mine more flat than robust and over-filled.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - Ockrocket - 10-28-2020

As a side sleeper who tosses and turns through much of the night due to shoulder and back pain issues.. I've made myself a flat firm foam pillow that allows my neck to align with my spine, and being firm and flat it doesn't dislodge my mask by allowing my head to sink down in to it when I roll over.

The other advantage is that I cut it to a length and width that fits inside my suitcase, so I always have a pillow that works no matter where I stay - instead of those bulky fluffy blobs motels (and my favourite Aunt) like to provide for guests.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - 2SleepBetta - 10-28-2020

As a side sleeper I tried several: an old fashioned, lightly filled feather type from pre- and early CPAP therapy days, a sponge-like foam filled type, a special CPAP countoured one and then, finally, a half-pillow size with a mix of foam and buckwheat hulls filling it half to two thirds full (which makes it easy to mold and shape). I like the fact you can get it just right and it stays shaped quite well. SR is right about those that are too high as even the contoured CPAP pillow was for me.

RE: Does An Expensive Pillow Help? - MitchS - 10-28-2020

I use a buckwheat pillow. It is easy to form to fit my needs. Amazon has buckwheat pillows with zippers which makes it easy to adjust the height. They are available in all buckwheat, which is firm, or buckwheat mixed with foam, which while not as firm as all buckwheat, is still firmer than most standard pillows.