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Machines to consider and Airmini - Simo50 - 11-20-2020

I'm new to all this and have been recently diagnosed with severe obstructive apnea and at the moment half way through a 4 week initial trial. I then need to purchase a machine. I am currently using an Airsense 10 autoset and am considering this or an Airmini as I do  some travelling (well not at the moment so much). I have been happy with the Airsense - thought I'd reachout to get any feedback whether I should be thinking of the Airmini to use for travelling and my everyday machine or I should just be prepared to travel with the Airsense as it isn't that cumbersome, I suppose.
Or is there a completely different machine I should consider?
Thanks in advance for people's thoughts. Cheers

RE: Machines to consider and Airmini - Sleeprider - 11-20-2020

The Airsense 10 Autoset travels well, and the Airmini has too many compromises to consider it as your primary machine. Many reasons for this, but experience on the forum has shown that it is best to stick with the Autoset. The only reason to go with the Airmini would be frequent travel where size is critical. Normal vacation or business travel is easily accommodated with the Autoset.

RE: Machines to consider and Airmini - SarcasticDave94 - 11-20-2020

Welcome to Apnea Board. My take would be the same as Sleeprider's. A regular ResMed like the AutoSet is your best bet for primary PAP duty.

RE: Machines to consider and Airmini - Simo50 - 11-20-2020

To Sleeprider and Dave
Thank you for your reply; whilst I was thinking of the Airmini; the more I read and now from your feedback I believe I have a way forward regarding the machine-Airsense 10. Now it's working out which mask is the best to go with.
Thanks again Simon

RE: Machines to consider and Airmini - SarcasticDave94 - 11-21-2020

You can narrow down possible mask types by determining if you breath nasally or via your mouth while asleep. Even if you mouth breathe, the first choice should be a pillows mask, then to nasal, and finally there's full face and hybrid. Hybrids are the bottom part of a full face and something like a nasal cradle on the top part.

This progresses from least to most in sealing area, and also affects the area that may have leaks. Most masks will be universal fit on hoses that you'll find on ResMed machines. Some of those travel types do have a more limited selection, for comparison purposes. Some masks are good choices like a ResMed P10. ResMed masks are named like this P10, P is a pillows, N for nasal, and F for full face. It's claim is very little to the mask, but well sealing and light. Respironics makes some masks that are well made too, as is Fisher & Paykel. A good idea is to do some searching and see what catches the eye. Feel free to ask about it in this thread of yours.

RE: Machines to consider and Airmini - Simo50 - 11-21-2020

Thanks Dave
Appreciate your support with this. It's good to know that it is possible to look at other brands of masks also.