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First night's data - not sure what to think - picassobaby - 11-23-2020

I am using a Resmed Aircurve 10 VAuto with the p30i nasal pillows - took a while to get to sleep as it was quite a weird sensation but eventually I learned how to place my tongue so it was more comfortable. I slept quite lightly. The mask seemed to fit okay and I ran the mask fit test on the machine earlier and it reported a good fit, but when I tried to lie on my side it was leaking. I am usually a side sleeper but tried to sleep on my back last night.

Can anyone help me interpret the data? I had max 20, min 4 and PS 4 in auto mode, trigger and cycle set to medium. For most of the night the pressure was around 8 inhale and 4 exhale so not going above the minimum. All I'm seeing is a lot of leaks but not much else  Thinking-about 

My WatchPAT results showed low AHI and RDI around 10-20 over the 3 nights so most of my events were RERAs not apneas.

Also my machine is still set to US time not UK time but I did sleep at normal times not in the middle of the afternoon  Too-funny

RE: First night's data - not sure what to think - OpalRose - 11-23-2020

It looks like your VAuto is working well for you.  You only had one Obstructive.  If this is the norm for you, and as long as you are comfortable, I wouldn't make any changes.

As far as large leaks go, there aren't any.  But that doesn't mean that smaller leaks in general aren't troublesome.  Your machine can handle up to 24L/min without affecting it's ability to handle apnea's.
Your leak rate is much lower.  

The leak rate graph shows quite a few spikes, which signify mask movement.  Nasal pillows can get pushed or dislodged easily enough with side sleeping or even turning from side to side.  This can cause small leaks, which show up as spikes on the graph.  Even though your machine can handle it, this can be disruptive to your sleep.

You may want to experiment with a different size nasal pillow.  Also, it's just a matter of learning how to sleep with a mask.  If on your side, sometimes you need to position your head so that the mask is hanging off your bed pillow, so that it isn't dislodged.

RE: First night's data - not sure what to think - picassobaby - 11-23-2020

Ah yeah I did wake a few times and fiddle with the mask as there's a small vent at the front and I wasn't sure if it was a leak or not. Had a nap with it earlier as well. I'm surprised by how comfortable it is, although I suppose my pressure settings are very low. I'm glad my leak rate isn't a problem as it looked quite alarming when I first loaded it up!

I knew I wouldn't get much feedback from the data as my primary problem is RERAs and the machine can't track those, so I'm determined to sleep with it consistently and keep my fingers and toes crossed that I start to feel less tired in a month or so. Thanks for the feedback and I will try to rearrange my pillows for side sleeping tonight.

RE: First night's data - not sure what to think - Gideon - 11-23-2020

You have to read RERAs in expanded views of the Flow Rate. You have to learn to recognize the pattern. The key is you are looking for arousals/disturbances.