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use to drool but now YUK - fred987 - 12-10-2020

new to CPAP, a little over week now. I came here lookinig for a solution to burping, I'll try some setting changes I found and also the chin to chest, but I also have had another problem I couldnt find mentioned before..

OK I admit it. I drool, or I use to, not much just a little or so I thought.. now its beyond drool..
So now with the CPAP, my mouth isnt open and I guess I'm not swallowing much because 2 times I have woken up when I opened my mouth and it was ( had been) FULL of saliva and of course it gushes out.. not just a little but a whole mouth full. it just builds up now..

Anyone have this issue or know of a solution?? Do they make Mouth Diapers?

RE: use to drool but now YUK - sheepless - 12-10-2020

in the interest of gross-ness (so you know you're not completely alone) I'll tell you that I've awakened with my face covered by saliva due to air blowing it through lips at high pressure. luckily I was able to reduce pressure without compromising therapy, because it was the only solution I found.

pressure will cause aerophagia - burping - but it doesnt sound like pressure is related to your problem of not swallowing. unfortunately I have no good advice for you other than to somehow train yourself to swallow in sleep or just as you awaken. I think we're meant to generate less saliva in sleep so maybe avoid eating/drinking before bed? or the opposite, avoid hunger at bedtime.

this might be an occasion when "maybe it'll disappear as you get acclimated to cpap" actually applies.

let's hope someone else has a better solution for you...

RE: use to drool but now YUK - Big Guy - 12-10-2020

I too, tend to drool just a little, when I first gear up and go to bed. I tend to do that for an hour or two. But....as the night progresses, it stops.  Dont-know

I'm a mouth-breather and use a FFM. I end up with dry mouth but it doesn't bother me in the least.

RE: use to drool but now YUK - fred987 - 12-12-2020

Thanks for the replies, hopefully I'll just learn to swallow more often.