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Prescription and DME - Remember2Breathe - 01-12-2021

Prescription template on this site is great as it seems to cover all bases.  I presented it to my doctor and asked him to prescribe a specific machine (ResMed Air Sense 10 Auto Set for Her).  

He was OK with writing for a specific machine but thought the template was too long and would take up multiple prescription pad pages, so asked me to choose my DME and have them send their form to enter the prescription on.  Then he's OK for me to get a copy of script at that time.

Feels like I have a little less control that way; but might be OK.  I think if generic (not DME's form) would make it easier down the line if I needed to change DME. 
Also wonder if I have less leverage if I talk to DME first and get prescription afterwards.  He thinks the way it is done is: doctors order to DME.  That may essentially be true and maybe the best solution is to call DME, try to get them to send their form to me and then request doctor to send me script before it is sent to DME.

Alternately can also try to get machine-specific prescription from other doc and see if he's willing to follow template.



RE: Prescription and DME - GuyScharf - 01-12-2021

DMEs can be very insistent on using their own forms. I suggest going along with it as the faster and easier approach. Ask your doctor to send you a copy of the form when he sends it to the DME. You can review it and, if any changes are required, get back to your doctor, ask him to make the changes and he can send it to the DME again.

RE: Prescription and DME - Remember2Breathe - 01-13-2021

Good advice, Guy! Always helpful to know what's customary and, of course, efficient.