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How long are your apneas? - martyedb - 01-13-2021

How long do your apneas last?

Some of my apneas last over sixty seconds.      That is with my CPAP therapy, monitored by OSCAR.     No wonder my husband  was not sleeping well    (" breathe, Marty!   Breathe!")

RE: How long are your apneas? - SarcasticDave94 - 01-13-2021

Obviously a minimum of 10 seconds. I have had a recorded 90 second central apnea where apparently breathing was not needed. Maybe I was dreaming I was swimming underwater.

RE: How long are your apneas? - martyedb - 01-13-2021

hmmm...ninety seconds.      That does sound like a LONG  time.    

These CPAP machines and the OSCAR   monitoring are incredible--  the information they can give us.       It took me awhile to figure out that   under  "events"  is listed not only the kinds of events,    the times they occurred,      and  also the length of time for each individual event of   central and obstructive apneas  in seconds    (in parenthesis).     

Thank you for your input, Dave.

RE: How long are your apneas? - SarcasticDave94 - 01-13-2021

These PAP machines are better at telling us about our apnea than Dr. McQuack.

RE: How long are your apneas? - SevereApnea - 01-14-2021

Hi Marty, 

Yup, got to remember to breathe.
My wife got tired of prodding me to start breathing and pushing me on to my side.
She is now so happy for me to be on PAP therapy.
We both get better sleep, at last! (always listen to your wife, keep reminding myself).

Yup, I keep records of my events from the data from OSCAR. My daily ritual!

In the last year on PAP therapy my Max OSA was 43 seconds, 8th June, likely just a random event, average around 15 seconds.
Hypopneas generally around 10 - 15 seconds.
Clear Airways maximum length 27 seconds, average around 14 seconds.

None of these caused significant drop in oxygen levels, so I have happily stopped using the oximeter.
Even voluntarily breath holding for as long as I can, and with successive breaths does not drop my O2 levels. Don't know what it does to my CO2 levels, blood pH, sleep disturbance etc, can only guess, that is another story.

Only when I got frequent clusters of apneas one after the other, did I get any desaturation to maybe high 80% low 90%. That is why the soft cervical collar is so NB for me to use: to limit the clusters.

Just getting my EPAP a bit higher means my Obstructive Apneas are of much shorter duration, which is also helpful, even if I can't eliminate them completely.

For what it is worth: this year, 2021 my maximum duration OAs range from 14 - 19 seconds, CA's 11 to 18 seconds.

Yours of 60 seconds sound a bit long, but I see you are getting great help in your other thread Advice Appreciated. Keep at it!

RE: How long are your apneas? - martyedb - 01-14-2021

Thank you for your input.    
Yes, SCC--I use mine every night,   and eight !   tennis balls on my back, too.     

I started melatonin, too.      Sleep problems really decrease my concentration   and  increase  my frustration level.   

Thank you again.