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AHI on the rise - jamesk - 02-22-2021

I've been doing pretty well over the past year (after 6 months of struggling to find the right mask and right settings).  Been getting a solid 6-7 hours of sleep each night.  Feeling fairly well-rested and overall pretty comfortable with the whole experience.  But something changed a few nights ago and my AHI has been hovering above 5 (close to 10) for 4 or 5 nights now.  Was wondering if somebody would be willing to take a peek at my OSCAR data?   I included screenshots from two recent nights of higher AHi as well as one shot from a "good" night.

Many thanks in advance.

RE: AHI on the rise - staceyburke - 02-22-2021

Of the 3 graphs you have given us the first 2 show a large amount of positional apnea. What is positional apnea?  It is when you cut off your own airway. NO MACHINE OR CHANG OF PRESSURE CAN HELP. You need to fix how you are sleeping. Because the 3rd set of graphs was ok it could be you are just sleeping on your back or with to high of a pillow and your chin is tucking down to your sternum - cutting off your airway. 

If it is not something you can control there is a COLLAR (see a link for a collar at the bottom of the post) that has helped a lot of people 

There are graphs that show before and after the use of a collar in the link.

RE: AHI on the rise - jamesk - 02-22-2021

Thank you for the prompt reply and analysis.  Out of curiosity, what specifically on these graphs indicates positional apnea?   And yes, I typically start off sleeping on my back.  And yes, my pillow probably has my chin positioned too close to my cervix.  Will take that into consideration.  New pillow perhaps in addition to the collar?

RE: AHI on the rise - staceyburke - 02-22-2021

Look at the oa an h on the graph - they are grouped closely together. We only see that with positional apnea while in the 3rd graph you have them but they do NOT come in groups. 

Like I wrote earlier- because it does not show positional in the 3rd graph you MAY be able to eliminate it with side sleeping or changing the pillows. 

Collarars are not expensive and available at almost any drug store, Walmart, amazon. But fitting it and finding one that works for you can be difficult. The main fitting detail is the height. Measure the distance between you chin and sternum for a guide for the height.

RE: AHI on the rise - jamesk - 02-22-2021

Thank you again.  A followup question:

Is this something my doctor should have easily picked up on when viewing my data after I specifically asked him about my increasing AHI?  His only advice to me was to not worry about the AHI.  That since we have the machine set to variable pressure the AHI would fluctuate.  Thinking maybe it's time for a new doctor?   Only problem is the guy I see is considered to be one of the best in my area.

RE: AHI on the rise - staceyburke - 02-22-2021

We hear a lot of dr don’t recognize positional apnea but we see it and get good results from a collar. Drs look at the average events to see if the therapy is working. So changing dr might help but information here is much quicker than making an appointment and waiting a couple more weeks.