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CPAP / fitness app - woken - 03-26-2021

Is there an app which combines CPAP data with other health /fitness data? If not how difficult would it be to develop one?
I am currently using a DreamStation which has blue tooth and a modem
I frequently get only 4 to 6 hours sleep. My sleep issues are not only caused by apnea. 
I suffer from anxiety related insomnia as well, and have become unfit in recent years. I need to lose weight and improve my overall physical health in order to solve my sleep issues. I would like to develop an app which counts steps as well as apneas. I have some basic programming skills and would like to develop this, unless someone has done it already...in which case I would be reinventing the wheel.

RE: CPAP / fitness app - Crimson Nape - 03-26-2021

Hi woken!  -  Welcome

You might try looking at the free open-source program named, OSCAR.  It allows for analyzing your CPAP data, as well as, importing data from other devices like Dreem, Zeo, Somnopose, Viatom/Wellue, and some CMS-50 series devices.   OSCAR will operate on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems and can be displayed in different languages, Portuguese being one of them.  You can download it by either clicking on its name, here in the post, or the "OSCAR" name in the black banner at the top of every page.

OSCAR requires you to use an SD card (2-32 GB in size) for data collection. The SD card needs to be inserted in your CPAP when you use it.

To help familiarize yourself with OSCAR, please see the links in my signature below.

Good Luck!

RE: CPAP / fitness app - cathyf - 03-30-2021

I have been on cpap since Oct 2014. Using MyFitnessPal and the step counter on my phone, I lost 130lbs between Jan 2015 - May 2016. I added a Fitbit to my gear at Christmas 2015. I have kept the weight off for six years with the Fitbit/MyFitnessPal combination.

The Fitbit has sleep data built in. I had a sleep lab study last November. My fitbit missed most of the awakenings, but it was absolutely spot on with detecting my move through deep, light, REM sleep during the test. As far as I can tell, there is no way to get the time-series data out of the fitbit -- the app will draw you a graph, but it won't give you the detailed timestamped data. I believe that other brands of fitness trackers will.

I don't think that OSCAR can read anything that a fitness tracker outputs...