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Really struggling. - Danoo65 - 04-07-2021

Hi. I’ve been trying to get use to my CPAP machine. It’s been over 6 months and I’m on 3rd mask. The major problem is after 15-20 minutes I feel so frustrated I take it off. I’m feeling very discouraged. Any tips? Thanks so much

RE: Really struggling. - OpalRose - 04-07-2021

Welcome to Apnea Board!

Finding the right mask is one of the biggest hurdles to successful therapy.

If you are able, please fill out your profile. We can help, but need more information. What machine are you using? Since you list ResScan for software, then let us know which model ResMed you are using.
Also what mask name and type?

If you are using a data capable machine, then download the OSCAR software and post a screenshot of your data here. That's about the only way we can tell what's going on.