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RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-07-2021

Coffee Good morning to all my friends!

I wanted to post this OA explosion I had deep into the night. I go to bed really early and get up really early. I inherited 2 dogs after my sister in law's passing and they are set in their ways and have to eat and go outside at 330 AM---they are old and set in their ways hence my crazy schedule if you all every wondered why my hours are so crazy.  Oh-jeez

I am rolling onto my back regularly now for the first time since starting this therapy...at least the numbers are showing that. I wedge a pillow in my back to prevent this but somehow it hasn't been working so much the last few days.
I started great last night and then BOOM ....the numbers are through the roof.

I am doing my best with everything in prevention with the flatter pillow(which took getting used too) the collar of which is surprisingly fine, the wedge pillow which is currently miffing me, and the slightly raised bed. Hopefully I can train myself to not roll over(short of tennis balls...nope not doing that...I am already scaring the devil himself with all the junk attached to me   Grin

Have a great day everyone!


RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 06-07-2021

One thing about SA is that you can count on it being different every night.  Rolleyes  Hopefully that's just a one time thing.  

I used to have 2 dogs... one would just sit by my bed and stare at me until I woke up.  The other would just jump up and pounce on me.   I no longer have any pets, my sleep is fragmented enough!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-07-2021

…these dogs :-0

Yes, I’m hoping tonight is better with the OA

Thank you Opal Rose !

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-08-2021

Coffee Good morning to all!

I had another big cluster late into the night again. I do remember waking up on my back and saying "really?"  Huh

I had another one a little time after the first one but not as intense. 

I slept 8 hours too. I was in a deep sleep and woke up. I normally don't have dreams but I had some last night. Rather vivid. I was lost in a big desert and my mother (who has since past away) found me, and my 14 year old daughter, of whom she never was able to meet, was with her.

I go to bed at 8 to be awake by 330 for the dogs. Yesterday I felt a little tired around 2 and took a 10 min power nap.

I always feel rested in the mornings unless its less than 7 hours of sleep, then I feel a deprivation.

Here's my chart I normally sleep 7 or a little more than 7 hours.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 06-08-2021

You know what the issue is.  See if you can come up with some way to stay off your back.  Some people use a body pillow that stops them from rolling over.  

It sounds like you may have been in REM sleep with a bizarre dream and woke up.  Those Obstructives are from a combination of all the above.  

Keep trying!   Coffee

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-08-2021

Thank you again OpalRose! You have been so helpful !

What kind of pillow do you recommend?

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 06-08-2021

If you are referring to my mention of a body pillow, they are usually long (3 to 6 ft) and narrow.  I don't use one myself.  You place it along side of you, and if you try to roll over, it will stop you.  They are kind of expensive, it might be cheaper to try golf balls. Rolleyes

You could start another thread in the main forum with a title something like "need some ideas on how to stop rolling over on my back" or however you want to phrase it. You will probably get some other ideas.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-08-2021

Thank you so much OpalRose !

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 06-08-2021

I myself have 4 body pillows used to make a support for my back. I start by getting into bed via a log roll to rest on my left side. Pillows end up being next to my back and I can roll towards my back at about a 45 degree angle.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 06-08-2021

I’ll have to give these a whirl …when you turn over do you have to move another one along your back ?