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RE: Hi all - Gideon - 04-27-2021

You mention RERAS. RERAS are a series of flow limitations that end in arousal, and we don't like arousals so we don't like RERAS.
This is where the difference in brands comes in. EPR is very effective on treating flow limits and RERAS. With your machine the only option is to raise pressure.

RE: Hi all - OpalRose - 04-27-2021

I have merged your newest thread with this thread.  We prefer that you keep your therapy questions to one thread.  It makes it harder to jump around looking at what has been suggested and tried.

To answer your question on Centra Apnea... you don't have it.  There is 1 clear airway event at the beginning of therapy right after your ramp.  You probably weren't sleeping and may have just held your breath.  This is nothing to worry about.

Your machine, although not the best to dial in pressures has the capability of detecting central apnea. You still have a fully data capable machine.

I think you've done much better with the positional apnea. I see a couple clusters toward morning. Keep wearing the collar. As far as Reras, this is where your machine is harder to dial in, your only option (as Gideon states) is to raise pressure. If you feel you can tolerate it, raise it to 11cm.

You should put your bed back to the slight incline. As long as you use the collar and the flatter pillow, there is nothing wrong with sleeping with the incline of 3-4". I sleep on a 3" incline too. The bottom line is comfort and how you feel comes first.

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - Rice95 - 04-27-2021

Smile Thank you opal 
Thank he only reason I started a new thread was because I wasn’t hearing anything back and I thought it was getting lost. 

Thank you for getting back. You have been terrific. I’ll see what happens tonight. I may try 11 tonight.  Last night was a very restless night and I had my SD card on lock by an accident so I wasn’t able to review it in Oscar but my app said it was 4.1 and that was definitely raised. 

Hopefully it will be better tonight

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - OpalRose - 04-27-2021

Ok, make sure your card is unlocked and post tomorrow.

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - Rice95 - 04-28-2021

Good Morning! Smile

Best numbers so far. 

Here is what I did.

1. slept at a 3 inch incline
2. slept with collar
3. flat pillow
4. plenty of sleep this time.
5. 10.5 pressure(still woke up with some stomach pressure but not severe)
6. I will eventually do away with the ramp. It is hard to relax with air blowing that hard for me.   Sad

Comments welcome 

BTW thank you Opal for everything

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - OpalRose - 04-28-2021

Hi Rice95,
Glad to see you had a better night!  You've managed to overcome the positional apnea which is good.

There are some slight tweakings that can be make, like higher pressure to overcome the Obstructives and Reras, but not at the expense of aggravating the Aerophagia.  

We sort of have our hands tied when comparing a Respironics machine with a ResMed.  With ResMed, there is EPR to help overcome FL, Reras and Hypopneas, but with your machine, we have Flex to work with, which doesn't work all that well.  
So our options are to raise pressure. I personally would rather use the lower pressure setting than to suffer with the pain of Aerophagia.

Speaking of Flex, I don't remember what setting you were using.  I might be wrong, but in some folk when using Flex at 3, I also see Variable Breathing.  I would try a setting of 1, see how that feels for a couple days.
Possibly down the road you could turn Flex off along with the Ramp.  Smile

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - Rice95 - 04-28-2021

Thank you OpalRose

Well, I wish I had of known what I know now with getting the better machine. 
Either I’ll wear this one out or I’ll get a better one when funds allow. Since my doctor prescribed the machine from his office, and only deals in Respironics, if I changed machines would it muddy up his way of checking on my progress? He uses a detailed Respironics program much like Oscar. Am I even obligated to continue with him ? He has me scheduled in a year for a follow up which is much like lining his pocket with an office visit. I used insurance to ‘discount’ my Dream machine but it was already very inflated no pun intended....3200.00dollars down to 1100.00 rip off!
I really want the best machine. 

I’m on a Flex 2. I’ll try a Flex 1 but I’m
not sure if it will be comfortable. Yes , do away with the ramp and increase pressure to 11.

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - OpalRose - 04-28-2021

Do you mind me asking what your portion is? Are you paying a monthly rental even though through insurance?

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - Rice95 - 04-28-2021


Insurance covered around 1200.00 including the mask and tubing etc 

From what I’ve seen I paid almost 500.00 more than I had too

RE: numbers going up slightly [Rice95 Therapy Thread] - SarcasticDave94 - 04-28-2021

Hello, and welcome

Was this a situation where Dr. Dolittle prescribed a CPAP and sold it to you? Medical suppliers AKA DME's can be very shady in operation, the combo doc and supplier is worst of all. If you and insurance are still renting, I'd opt to return it to doc and shop elsewhere for the better ResMed.

PS situations like doc scripts and sells are only for there purpose of getting boat payments from you.