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RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Good morning!  Coffee

I wore the collar where chin was not going to have a chance to slip in this time considering the last session was confirmed positional. 

It was more snug than I'm used too but I was able to sleep fine. I didn't sleep my full 7 hours, but I'll nap maybe 1/2 an hour later. 

Only one hypop and one RERA cluster. I'm hoping it isn't a positional  Sad If it is, then I have no idea what I'm doing to cause it. I can't go any tighter on the collar. 

Thank you guys for all you do for me and for this great group of people on this forum. 

Chart attached

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Tidal volume in attached chart if needed

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Finally a Zoom of my Fl with normal breathing and then the HYPOP cluster

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 07-07-2021

Hi Rice95,
Thanks for posting your graphs.  I don't really know what Gideon is looking at with the Tidal Volume chart, so will wait for him to swing around and take a look.

Just looking at your daily view, yes the Hypopneas around the first part of the night look positional, but it's still an improvement.  The Obstructives are down, so that's good.

So the age old question... did you sleep well and how do you feel when you wake?  So if you don't feel like a truck hit you, I'd say your doing good.  Smile

How's your shoulder?  That may play into how your able to sleep, so give it some time.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Thank you so much Opal Rose for the words of encouragement. 

I feel really good whenever I wake up… very well rested. Usually at 2:00 I need a power nap ..maybe 10 min, then I feel great. 

What is frustrating me is how hard I work for some of the numbers I have had before, and then they aren’t where I want them. Dave  said numbers between 1-3 are acceptable. I have to hang my hat on that and let it go when I’m doing all I can. I made sure my chin was firmly over the collar before bed. Where I’m getting these positional issues is a frustrating mystery. I thought today I’d wake up below 1 because the collar was on point. 

I have adhesive captulitis…better known as frozen shoulder. It is unable to move beyond certain points without tremendous pain. 
I’m in physical therapy for this now. 

When I sleep on my left side I am restricted to one semi-comfortable position where there is no pain , but my arm has to be angled funny and it works for a while then I have to turn over …

I’ll be interested in what Gideon has to say about last night too. 

PS , I donated to the forum. You guys deserve a salary for heavens sake.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-07-2021

My take is just a basic view on how it looks. Several Hypopnea, so likely to be clusters, but unknown exactly why unless the collar isn't doing 100%, but enough to get most. I guess you'd have to decide if that's good enough. In part, how you feel will tell us the grade on that aspect.

If however the Hypopnea are not clustering, then seeing this including some shaggy grass look in your flow limits, it might be that you need a bit higher Min pressure. But again, it circles to if these were positional caused, then any pressure increase is likely in vain.

Just a BTW, had you ever did any research on the Corflex Ultra Cervical Collar? Maybe the collar you have isn't doing as good as you'd like. AB member Aludj had a severe case of positional Apnea and this Corflex Ultra fixed it immediately if I remember correctly. I myself have not used any, so I can't speak about comfort or etc. Just some ammo and hope it helps.

PS see this review onsite by Aludj

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Thank you Dave! I will try this collar.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-07-2021

You're welcome, keep at it.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Gideon - 07-07-2021

I was using tidal volume because I couldn't make out the breathing pattern at full night view and the chart was covered by events. Tidal volume would give a good idea of awake vs sleep breathing pattern.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-07-2021

Thanks Gideon 
I posted last night’s charts as well. I was wondering if positional is still the issue. 
I did the same as yesterday