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RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-08-2021

Just a curiosity Question, have you considered room temperature changes? I sleep better when the room is cooler. I do not mean 45 degrees either, but maybe a few degrees less than your current. Dunno maybe it helps nudge you to better comfort. Give a shout when you swap in the new collar.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-08-2021

Thanks Dave. I do try to keep it cool. Last night it was warm. I’m gonna try shedding a garment tonight and run a fan too. 

Yes I will absolutely do a review once I get it did have slept a night or two. 

Have a great night

RE: Rice95 Therapy - DaveL - 07-08-2021

Thanks Rice95

We shall figure it out!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-09-2021

Good Morning my friends! Coffee

Another morning when I didn't rush to the laptop to see my AHI. Instead,  I stretched, ran a mile, said my ritual of prayers, took care of our old dogs and did my Friday cleaning of PAP stuff (everything on Fridays except the hose which is monthly) Today I start my physical therapy on my bum shoulder. 

My numbers are not what I truly want but barely within the range that is acceptable for me. I would rather it be below 3. That's what I'm shooting for. It appears to be all positional that is killing me. My new collar arrives in a few days and we'll see. 

One thing to note is that I woke up on my back at least twice for sure because I distinctly remember and then being ticked it happened. There could have been more. In fact, all these daily clusters could be from that. Once my shoulder is fixed, I am hoping that I will be comfortable enough to be able to stay on my left side more instead of spending more time on my right side(the good side) This has to be it! Smile
My collar can't get any tighter. It will be interesting to try the new collar and see if there is a difference because I'm not ruling that out as a cause. 


Blessings to ALL on this great Friday! Coffee

Chart attached

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-09-2021

I have no idea if this is accurate or means anything at all, but when I've looked at your OSCAR charts, that big cluster is almost always in the middle. Theory being that you've slept too long in one position or something like that and whatever it is forces you to move a bit and voila, the nasty stubborn cluster.

Or: second theory is I've been awake for far too long. My insomnia caught up with me and I've been awake since 1330 yesterday.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - OpalRose - 07-09-2021

What Dave said ^   Smile

I can't see all of your leak rate chart, but notice the 2 or 3 spikes. They correspond with at least two of the clusters. This could be simply adjusting your mask or more likely mask movement from turning over. You could also be holding your breath while turning over and causing the clusters. I don't really know, but just throwing that out there.

Your leak rate is excellent by the way.

Have a great rest of your day!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-09-2021

Thank you Dave and Opal. I still don't see how you guys do it. You guys are so faithful to this forum and it is so appreciated. I donated and I am planning making that a regular thing.

Dave- nice observation. It could be what you are saying. I have a bum left shoulder that is about to start  physical therapy ---I spend a lot of the night on my right shoulder(the good shoulder) because of it.

Opal-I am posting the leak chart you couldn't see. 

Have a blessed day!

RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-09-2021

Ew, bum shoulders are a bit nasty. Oddly, my left shoulder is my bad one as well, but my left is my dominant side. My left clavicle was fractured in 2001 in a car accident a short time before the 9/11 attacks. In 2015, I had a left shoulder scope to do a cleanup. Never been up to what it used to be after that.

RE: Rice95 Therapy - Rice95 - 07-09-2021

Ah geez. Sorry about that 

Mine is adhesive capsilitus(frozen shoulder)
It’s very restricted in movement. 
The PT will start abusing me today 


RE: Rice95 Therapy - SarcasticDave94 - 07-09-2021

The best PT I endured was my back therapy, the aqua therapy stuff. Moving in a warm pool of salt water. Salt water to keep it clean instead of chlorine, and I'm thinking it altered buoyancy some. That was some real tough PT.